Price for a 300 recap

I am looking for a used nap 300 if possible to come back from my old active setup to a passive setup. One of the second hand 300s there is on offer will need a recap in a few years, so I will have to no what that will cost in order to find out if the price asked is ok.

It would probably help to specify where you expect to get it recapped: UK, US, elsewhere? Is it a 300 or a 300DR? If the former you should plan to get the DR upgrade at the same time. AV Options in the US charges about $3k for a DR/Recap service on the 300.

Non DR costs €500,-

Thank you. This is a 2010 or 2011 recapped model based on the serial number.

Get the DR recap. It is a no brainer. The 300 DR might easily be your last stop.


I bought a new 300DR late last year (upgrading from 250 DR). Wow! What a revelation. It was like getting amajor speaker upgrade.


The unit is already dr upgraded, but my guess and something I have to check is that it has not been recapped after 6 years when the dr was performed back in 2016.

An email to HQ will be able to verify that.

I don’t want to read such when owning and being happy with my 250DR :see_no_evil: Can you elaborate the major differences between them?

Ditto - I’m seriously considering skipping straight from a 200 to a 300 as the endgame.

Ditto - I’m seriously considering skipping straight from a 200 to a 300 as the endgame.

I had a 200 in my system for 12 years and loved the musical presentation of the 200 over the then 250.2

did a lot of demo’s with my dealer on pre and amp and went the 282 route first, and then plan was to move to the new 250DR which to me was more detailed in it’s musical presentation that the older 250.2 - it was then my dealer offered me the choice of ex demo 250DR or 300 Non DR

I went for the 300, it’s everhting you want from an AMP, focus seperation and control. I loved the 300 when I had it DR back at the mothership it came back and there was more of everything -

my now 300DR is not going anywhere, end game period - worked with 282/HCDR 282/SC and now 252/300 which is a perfect match - to me 252/SC/300DR are 4 boxes of musical magic

The 300 is so much more of an amp. It has better control, more slam, better bass. Everything sounds more refined, more resolving, smoother, richer. The soundstage is more accurate and more focused.

When I took it out of thee box and first turned it on to play, my wife was in the adjoining hallway and she noticed from there how much better it sounded. She said the bass was much better. When she heard it in the room, she commented about what an improvement it is, and she always claims she can’t hear the difference.

My speakers sounded great with the 250DR, but they really shine and blossom with the 300DR. It was like getting a speaker upgrade. The 300DR costs twice what the 250DR does here, but I would say it’s easily more than twice the value.


The 300 is the entry to the high end of Naim and you will hear the difference. I had the non DR. It is so articulate at low volume and it sounds so good turned up, you may never want for another amp. I moved into Naim from a Joule-Electra tube rig. The 300 did the tube sound plus the solid state control. Don’t hesitate if you find one you like.

I got a 300 DR a month ago and wrote much the same things as you :slight_smile: , I even used “blossom” and “new speakers”. (Except mine was poor for the first 30 minutes, but that made it just even more breathtaking when suddenly it changed and worked)

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