Primare np5 some basic questions

I am tentatively considering adding a Primare NP5 to enable streaming Qobuz to my 272. I have some very basic questions.
I currently have a Synology NAS to Cisco switch hard wired to 272 and Muso in the kitchen. I also have (deliberately) one double socket from a separate CU to power 555ps and 250dr.
If I were to purchase said NP5 where is the most sensible location? Could it sit next to my NAS and switch (at the opposite end of the room) and link it to my 272 and Muso via the switch? Or would it connect to switch via ethernet and sit next to 272 connection via digital?
With the latter I presume I could still stream to NP5 from NAS and play via digital to 272. This would then prevent Quobuz being streamed to Muso??
I believe the NP5 has a pretty basic SMP which I could upgrade with a redundant ifi power supply. Would this have any detrimental effect on sound if I were to power from dedicated circuit ( obviously I would need an additional power strip)
If it were to sit with NAS and switch it would be powered of the general house circuit. I have considered purchasing something like an Isotek powerstrip to clean up the power to NAS and switch and also the NP5. Has anyone had any audible benefits from trying this?
Sorry it’s a long winded question.

You’d wire it to the ethernet and connect to the 272 dac via digital.

Have you thought of loading Bubble upnp Server on your Synology? It’s free, rather than £550 and doesn’t need another box and wires. Control it using Linn Kazoo. It works really well.

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I bought a Mk 1 NP5 for £300 on EBay and it works very well connected to the digital input on the 272. The box is very small and it can be tucked away quite easily.

I got it mainly for the added functionality (Qobuz and Roon) but I was very pleased, and surprised, with the slight uplift in sound too. I’m no longer hankering over the elusive 272 replacement.

I found the free apps and workarounds a bit clunky (the volume seemed to jump around with me - sometimes with deafening consequences), but they’re worth trying if all you want is Qobuz.

Good luck.

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You can use Mconnect app too, and don’t need to buy another hardware to have QOBUZ.


Correct but when you close your phone, the music stops doesn’t it?

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It certainly does. Bubble seems a far better way to go. Why spend money when you don’t need to?

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I very much agree — many people spend hundreds if not thousands on esoteric cables, but skimp on apps and the daily user experience. To me this is puzzling.

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Which Naim streamer did you compare to, and was that NP5 also connected to that streamers DAC?

I compared it to the streaming section of the 272 (connected to the digital input on the 272 with 555 PS).

I preferred the NP5 - which was a nice surprise and bonus as I was only really looking for the increased functionality.


But why close your phone? I use an IPad anyway.

Do you know which Naim streamer it was? I think all the current ones do have a digital output, although being BNC it would require a converter or having a special cable made l.

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But didn’t the old ones also have BNC digital out?

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Thanks for all the replies. Seems there are a few alternatives. Think I might try HH’s suggestion of Bubble on the NAS and see how I get on.

BubbleuPNP on a Synology NAS is a doddle. We installed in 5 minutes and enabled the OpenHome interface so that the Lumin app could control our 272 and SuperUniti. No longer using this but it was trivial to setup.

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Thanks for the heads up. Can you elaborate as my IT skills are pretty appalling and I will be relying on my better half for installation and trouble shooting! :rofl:

Many thanks will give it a try at the weekend when we have a bit of time

I run a NP5 into a mk1 Hugo as a streaming solution. The other thing it will add to a 1st generation streamer is Chromecast.

I also run a standalone UQ1, with BubbleUPnP, and find that perfectly ok too. Sometimes though, being able to just open the Qobuz app and stream direct from it to the NP5 is a bit more convenient than the equivalent operations in the BubbleUPnP Android app, particularly for music that isn’t already a Qobuz favourite.

Some great input on this thread!


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