Primare R32 phono Vs Naim Stageline

Hi there! This is my first post. I would like to change my Primare R32 phono with a Naim Stageline to be coupled with my Supernait 2. Does it make sense? Does anybody experienced something like this?
I have a Project 6 Perspex and a Goldring MM cartridge so I already know about the Stageline to be the N model. To complete the description loudspeakers are a couple of DALI Epicon 2 with Naim NacA5 cable and a Naim Cd5 Si CD player.
Thank you for your feedback.


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Is there any way you can do a comparison of the two phonostages?I love my Stageline but the R32 is very well respected, and is more flexible in that it can take MCs too.

Good luck with your decision.

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No I don’t think so … I tried many times to ask for a demonstration with the Stageline but with no success.
But I’m very curious…

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