PrimePhonic - Streaming Service

Got an email to register interest regarding their upcoming service, spam from when I think I purchased some DSD files.

Obsydian, following your post, Primphonic registered on the forum. While forum rules means they cannot post regarding their own commercial business interests, I will relay their message as it’s relevant here;

at Primephonic, we replaced our download store 8 months ago with a classical-only streaming service. You can stream up to 24-bit lossless and download offline.

Of course, the usual caveats apply. This post does not constitute any kind of endorsement.

Sorry Richard - personally not a service i would use, not a Classical Music fan :wink:

Checking out their site. They are in the Netherlands and up to 24-bit is 15 / month (they forgot to mention currency :-)). But its Netherlands, US and UK only so nothing for me.

They pay the artists/record companies per second streamed/rented rather than per song. Like the download-service eClassical.

If I am going to use a streaming/renting service I would still like my money divided on what I personally listen to - not what everybody is listening to. So if I listen to only Takemitsu one month then my monthly payment goes 100% to Takemitsu. Not like the current services where 98% goes to Strauss, Mozart and Pavarotti.

Recent contracts with Warner and Sony “but we are entering meta-data by hand so it may take up to six months”.

I could not find any mention of API:s for developers of players.

I have bought from them, finding they had an excellent selection (of classical), and certainly some things at a good price.

However, reading tge abive, and having a quick look at tgeir website, it appears that they no longer offer sales (or, possibly, no longer without also subscribing).

Personally I am not interested in online streaming, with reliance upon that for the music I like being available whenever I want, indefinitely, and without commitment to keep paying to be able to hear. That said, classical is rather different from other music because of the variety of different recordings of many pieces, to which online streaming, especially at high resolution, offers ready access for versions one might not want to play more than very occasionally. However £150pa, which is what their flac (hi res) service costs, is much more than I am prepared to consider paying for a service I’d only occasionally dip into, so it doesn’t tempt me.

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