Primephonic versus Qobuz/Tidal

Richard Morrison wrote an article in Times 2 today extolling the virtues of Primephonic over Spotify for classical music but completely ignored Qobuz and Tidal. I have Qobuz Sublime and have been very impressed by its classical catalogue and quality. Does anyone know of any advantage Primephonic has over Qobuz and/or Tidal? Does Roon work with Primephonic

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I use Roon. It doesn’t provide an interface to Primephonic.

I use Idagio which is very similar in performance to Primephonic. The main advantage of these 2 over Tidal, Qobuz etc is the choice of different recordings of works. But much more important is the quality of search function and presumably metadata. Tidal and co are hopeless on this front. Some records you can find by searching for composer, some by name of work and some by conductor but it is random. On Idagio etc it is much, much easier to search

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I trialled Primephonic and thought it very good. I could only Bluetooth it from my iPad but with the new Naim units it could be used via Chromecast. Worth a trial.

At present you can’t Chromecast Primephonic but you can with Idagio

The significance is entirely in the comprehensive approach to metadata and classical music.

Actually you can Chromecast from the Primephonic app. The Chromecast Support was a bit flaky initially, but three days ago they released an update to the Primephonic IOS app and Chromecast works well on that.



Ah - thanks for that

I love Primephonic, curation is excellent and I love the artist podcasts as well

I fallow the new recordings, old gems, sometimes I listen same piano sonata’s 10 different recording, you can find the sonata and see all its recordings

I had a 4 month free trial with bbc music and now I continue

I use it on my mobile with bluetooth

Although I am subscribed to hi quality option you don’t see the quality of streaming

Naim have confirmed that you can run Primephonic via Chromecast. Only possible issue currently is that track artwork may not display.

Ah - thanks Richard

Primephonic’s Support is first rate too. They always reply to emails immediately (with a proper reply, not a case number) and when a friend of mine hit a problem that they had to do some tweaking to resolve, they extended his free account period by a month in compensation without being asked.



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