Prior owned Unitiserve unable to connect to NAS

Seeking to commence ripping My cds to a music collection. with playlists etc.
I plan to only listen to my CD collection and record player, (yet to be acquired) and I expect to drop Spotify within a year.
I have a 2015 UnitiServe SSD 2TB, though I don’t understand the difference between this and the HDD version. since neither ship with a drive. One needs adding via a NAS. So why not a single version?

I did imagine the Unitiserve would have a SSD installed, but no matter, I was thinking. .Just connecting is is eluding me :slight_smile:

I have USB 2 TB drive connected to my router. It is currently formatted NTFS formatted by Ubuntu. It is set to be writeable by Me, other users and guests. There is no sign in, at the present. It is also Network shared.
I note in the instructions that one should ensure that the USB drive is named Music and is network shared. If NTFS is incorrect, what file system can the Unitiserve view? I did search the manual but no mention of file system type.
There is only a single USB connection at present. Is that one too many? Should I purchase a NAS Box, which would use network connection rather than USB?

Obviously this work in progress, and I have just connected to the drive using an old Windows 7 pc. Normal PC runs Ubuntu running Naim Desktop Client, the issue remain that still do not have writeable music store as the Unitiserve instructions are different, there appears to a wizard on the old version but not this one.

So the bit where one Sets Primary Store, doesn’t exit. On the version I have it perhaps has under Music Repositories Music Stores. my device is showing there but not able to ‘Make Writeable’, gives an error unable to continue the action.
Invalid Operation unable to make internal music store on this model.
Scanable Network Shares. a device Music is listed
Host A_Install\Music Status Offline,
Button on that screen ‘Set as Store’ is greyed out.

Any idea please?

Thank you in advance for your help.


The Unitiserve HDD does have an HD installed at manufacture and the operating system (windows XP) is stored on that as well as the music. You can’t replace this yourself as the disc image is not made available by Naim.

The Unitiserve SSD on the other hand has a small internal SSD to store the operating system and as a buffer for ripping but it can only hold about one CD. You have to use it with a NAS.

The Unitiserve uses SMB1 and later versions of SMB don’t and can’t work. So that is probably the source of your problem as your router probably won’t speak SMB1 to your Unitiserve, although you might be able to override that router setting. But it’s a big security risk to do that on a router.

I suggest you buy a proper NAS preferably from QNAP or Synology and go from there.

Thanks David for you quick response, and solution. I apologise that it has taken me so long to respond with thanks. Your email has been food for thought!

Am I correct that the Uniti Core, with a SSD spec, has a 2TB SSD built in please?


The UnitiCore comes with no internal drive and you can self-install an internal SSD or HDD as you choose. The operating system is stored in SSD which is not accessible to the user. UnitiCore can use SMB1, 2 or 3.

I use an internal 2TB SSD which I installed myself. It’s easy to do and Naim even give you the tiny screws to do it with.

Apologies PigsontheWing for hijacking your issue, but as you have @davidhendon assistance would like to ask him a question if I may.

Hi David, I have a UnitiServe SSD purchased new by me approx 2011, recently switched it on to have the flashing logo that doesn’t go solid.
Due to it’s age and never having changed the CMOS battery I researched the forum here, seeing the posts by yourself, @NeilS (Naim Staff) and others, and decided to purchase the necessary bits, keyboard ps2, vga2hdmi adaptor and CR2032 battery.

Following @NeilS posted instructions

Connect VGA monitor & keyboard to Unitiserve. Switch unit on & press + hold Del key, this should enter the blue BIOS screen. Select Standard CMOS Features (press return to select when highlighted). Set the date & time using the arrow keys, numerical & return keys. Press Esc when done. Use arrow & return keys to select Restore Naim Defaults. Press Y key. Press Esc. Then return key twice.

All goes well until I press the Del key, I get a blank screen, not the blue BIOS screen.

I have tried different permutations of just pressing Del key, press and hold Del key down, press + and press and holding Del key.

May I ask what is the correct entry to get the blue BIOS screen, or is the blank screen an indication of another issue?

I should confess my only knowledge of computers are on a ‘need to know’ so hopefully it’s something easily fixable and not time for my UnitiServe to go in the bin.

Thanks in anticipation David for your postings they are very appreciated.

Apologies again PigsontheWing, hopefully my post to David is of interest to you also.


Hi Russell it’s a while since I did this myself and I don’t now have a Unitiserve to try.

Did you try pressing and holding the Del key while you put the power back on the Unitiserve and waiting until you get the BIOS screen?

Thanks for the very quick reply David.
No I haven’t, will power things up now and get back to you.

Fingers crossed


Hi David

Unfortunately all I got was a clicking sound from the UnitiServe and the flashing logo. The clicking stopped, logo continued to flash and no signal on tv screen. Held the Del key down for approximately a minute.
Logo still flashing will force shutdown.

Worth a go,

Well it’s probably supposed to be done exactly as @NeilS says, ie power it up and then press and hold the Del key.

Are you sure the VGA to HDMI adaptor is working properly? I wonder whether that is where your problem is?

Hi David,
As you can see they seem to be okay and the keyboard also.


As I say it’s a while since I did this. I think you should be able to press Del once normally (I don’t mean hold it) and it should go into setup. That’s the actual Del key, not backup or left arrow….

As they say ‘A picture paints a thousand words’.
This is the display I get after pressing the above key


@NeilS if you are around, I suspect your insight is needed here if you can spare a moment please?

Thanks David,
Impatient or what :woozy_face:
I’ve now pressed the F1 key and these screens have appeared with no other prompting (bottom picture first,Naim logo):thinking:.
The logo has now gone solid and I have made a controlled shutdown.
Will leave a while and then try to access blue screen again.


I’ve no idea what is going on! Anyway doing as you suggest wouldn’t seem to have a downside!

Thanks again David for all your help, hopefully Neil will respond, otherwise will try Naim this week.
Will post the outcome, hopefully a positive one.

Have a lovely day, your company and wisdom has been appreciated.


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Pressing F1 will ignore the checksum error & continue to boot with the bios defaults loaded. The POST will halt at the same checksum error next time it starts up.
Looks like you are using the wrong DEL key - try the one in the bank of six keys above the directional arrow keys, it’s neighboured by the INS & END keys.
Once you’ve got the Naim defaults loaded & saved, all should be good.


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Fwiw when you want to enter bios on most pcs try tapping the button repeatedly when starting up rather than holding it

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hi David,

Thanks for your reply. I have since yesterday a new problem with the Unitiserve.
I was thinking, after again checking the manual, that I could simply plug in a USB stick\drive into the back on the Unitiserve, which I did with it off of course.

Trouble is that it has not come on properly both the Unitiserve and USB 2TB drive are flashing for about 14 hours now. I understand that one must never turn off from either hard switch. but the front Naim icon doesn’t respond to 5 second press. My guess since it is running XP, that it has not started up properly. and so maybe turning off by the switch or removing the USB are the only available options to recover the situation.
I am further not super keen on the USB unplug option.

Please help if you are able?


Hi David,

USB is hot swapable in Windows XP, of course, and one can normally boot with a USB drive connected so long as it is not also a boot disk. I note in the instructions there is a button to Remove a drive. Though the instructions don’t say, it sort of maybe hints that one may plug a USB drive in, when the Unitiserve is already UP.
My feeling is that I need to turn it off, and that it is not yet started up. Unable to connect via Desktop Client.