Pro Ac D2R - what’s next?

I’m looking at options for moving on from my ProAcD2R speakers.

Listening room is 6m by 4m approx.

My reasons are numerous: I’ve never been wholly satisfied with the perpetual need to tinker with their placement in the room, and their own positioning and amount of toe-in.
Resultant SQ is variable, sometimes fantastic but I feel I’m forever checking where to place them in my room, usually moving them inch by inch for an hour, day, week or month at a time. I may be exaggerating slightly, but this is how it feels.

Oh, and they are a white gloss finish, which I really don’t like that much. Though of course I bought them knowing this, albeit reasonably discounted.

My current system is based around a Nova and a Denon AV combining 2ch and 5.1. My centre speaker is Monitor Audio and my rears are KEF LS50s.

Budget £3-5K

There are too many variables to possibly make a sensible recommendation based on your post. It would be helpful to know what speaker brands are available where you live and how you want to demo them. Also very important how much you can change the position of your speakers in the room and which compromises you are willing to make (wall distance, changing furniture placement etc.)


I’m in the UK, and I have access to some good local dealers and of course further afield, if needs be.

It’s a pertinent point about what leeway my room size and layout affords me in terms of positioning. In short, not much.

My listening position near to back wall can’t be altered and thus the any replacement speakers (and rest of kit) would have to slot in more or less where the existing ones are.

Namely, 2.3m from my primary listening position (fabric sofa) and about 0.85m from front listening wall.
If that makes sense. . .

From my experience NEAT speakers are rather easy to place and forget speakers, maybe you can audition those?


Sell the ProAc’s. Get another pair of Kef’s for the front and matching Kef center. maybe even add a Kef Sub like the Kef KC62… And make sure to use good cables like Witch Hat or Chord. Maybe even add a Naim PowerLine for the Nova.

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Personally I would sell the Nova long before the Proacs. The Proacs are very fussy about signal quality and require effort to get them at their best. They are a little like the current F1 Mercedes.


Your room positioning will be key in speaker selection, preferably sealed unit or front ported. Do you want standmount or floor standers ? I ran a set of PMC Twenty5 23’s with the Nova with good results.
I have heard the Proac D2R’s many times and was impressed, they also meet the above criteria.

Gosh I’m in love with my Proacs can’t imagine moving them on. If anything I’d sell the Nova for a SN3/Ndx2 or at least try to add a power line. Once I got mine setup I never need to change the position etc. I do have mine toed-in so I can’t see the inner sides of the cabinets. I believe mine are 2 feet from the back wall, 7-8 feet apart and my listening position is about 10-11 feet apart.


I also love my D20R… but the OP doesn’t sound as if he wants to make the D2R’s work and he using them as a HT speakers and he doesn’t like the White finish… etc etc…

And a Denon AVR ? Where’s @hungryhalibut when you need him.

Right… what he wants is a nice MB E300 sedan… just works, no faffing around…


Yeah I get his dilemma especially if he doesn’t like the finish. Maybe the Proac tab sigs would fit the bill.

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I had the ProAc D2’s with the dome tweeter and loved them. At the time I had a ND5 XS > Nait XS 2 system. If you like the D2’s moving for the Nova for ND5 XS or NDX 2 with a SN 3 sounded like a great recommendation above.

If you were looking to change just the speakers you might want to look at a pair of ATC SCM 11 or 19 speakers which should work in a room your size. The metal grills are a put off to some but the black version with the metal grills works well.

Good luck with finding the solution that meets your needs.

btw: I do not recall seeing a picture of the silk while D2’s could you post a photo?

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Thanks for your speaker and amp/streamer combo suggestions, too.


Yes, this much loved combo has been on my radar awhile now. Though it’s stretching my budget beyond its max, even with a reasonable sell on amount for the Nova.

I do have a Powerline connected to the Nova, already.

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Yes, I’ve currently got mine in this configuration.

My listening distance is between 8ft-9ft from the Proacs and the speakers are currently 10.5ft apart. Though this, like the faffing with amount of toe-in, changes often.

Preferably a stand-mount pair.

In a previous house I ran the PMC Twenty5 24 (not the latest i version) and they just didn’t work for me. Room was too small, I think.

Yes, that’s a possibility regarding KEF fronts.
I already have a KC62 sub which is fantastic in both my 2.1 and 5.1 set ups.


Ha! I only just twigged that was a car reference when I tried to look up MB speakers!

Cars just aren’t my thing!

I use a pair of PMC 25.21’s with my Nova in a medium sized living room and I think that they work really well together. As someone on Forum once said, when it comes to PMC choose a size smaller than you think you need!

That’s where I must have gone wrong!

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