Pro-Ject CD transport?

My beloved CDS 3 has bit the dust, the transport is toast and not repairable. I’m looking for a CD transport that I can run through my NDX2. Has anyone has any experience with the Pro-Ject RS2 T CD transport?

No but it would definitly be on my short list, along the cyrus Transport from the XR series.
As for your CDS3: where are you located? If you are in Europe you still might get it repaired i.e. having the mech replaced.

I’m in Seattle, and the CDS 3 has probably gone to the dustbin of time by now.

That is a pity, i am sure that you could have sold it for quite a bit as some people still have spare mechs lying around or may want to do a 3rd party repair.

Try the audiolab cdt - mate of mine has one it’s very good


Certainly got the drool factor and if you read the blurb on Project’s website , it refers to a firm called SteamUnlimited , I would have a look at their web-site (nudge - nudge)

The CDT from Audiolab that Bevo refers to is an absolute cracker, my dealer leant me one and if I didn’t have the option of a service and adaption to a digital output on my CDX2 - it would now be sitting on my rack .

My dealer has told me he has sold several to existing Naim customers with high end systems and they are very pleased - it’s a lot of sound for very little money - about a fifth of the Pro-Ject, but the Pro-ject is a serious looking bit of kit , and I would happily attach it to a Nova, NDX2 etc

Agree Ian re Audiolab CDT, it is really very good

And not expensive, in fact probably a great bargain

Noooooo… :astonished:

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Since you’re in U.S.A., you can try the NuPrime CDT-10, very good machine IMO.


Bava, can you tell me what your mate is running the Audiolab through?



The DAC is a Giesler Kompakt , , dynavector pre amp/amp

The dac is Australian made by small manufacture , I also have one , it’s pretty special, he makes small batches of them and sell out quick. Excellent value, I haven’t compared side by side to my Naim nDAC but I suspect it would give it a run for its money

I recently auditioned the Roksan Kandy K3 CD player, Naim CD5si and Audiolab CDT with Audiolab M-DAC Plus. To my ears, the Naim beats the Roksan, but the Audiolab combo is even better. Not only that, but it’s the cheapest of the 3. Just like with pre-amps, power amps, and power supplies; the more you split into separate boxes, the better the sound quality (in general, obviously there are exceptions).

One caveat - the Audiolab combo mentioned above have different form factors, so they don’t stack nicely in a rack, but I can live with that.

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Unfortunately there are no more mech’s for the CDS3 or CDX2. There is a long running thread in the HiFi Corner discussing this.

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That depends where you are located.
I know that the italian distributor has 3 VAM1202 mechs left, so for anyone who wants a repair and is located in Europe i strongly advise to get in touch with Lasa to arrange a repair through your dealer.

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Seems odd to me that Naim hasn’t requisitioned those if the Italian distributor has mechs. Surely in Naims search for mechs, distributors who Naim had previously supplied would have been the first point of call.

I see nothing strange about it. There are enough customers in Italy and i don t see the point in requisitioning this tiny amount of spare units.

Anyway, back to topic. I think the OP has no interest in our quest for the holy mech :slight_smile:

I beg to differ.
From the other thread it seems there are 8 dead CDS3/XPS2 units in the UK. I’m sure those owners would like to see them requisitioned and their players ressurected.

They are bought and paid for by the distributor. Naim can’t just order their return.

Lasa is nice to deal with. I had my Nait recently serviced there and when we are allowed to go on holiday again I probably drop off more stuff to get it serviced there.

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