Proac and naim

hello eveyone. this is my first post. Ive just become the happy owner of some proac d20r thats paired with my dac v1 and nap 100. i was hoping someone could recommend some speaker cables for my setup. Thanks

NACA5 should be your first and probably your last stop


I used to use TQ Black with mine. It was clearer, to my ears, than NACA5.

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I’ve used both Tellurium Q and Nac A5 the TQ did ad some detail with my Dynaudio X32s but when I changed speakers I changed back to Naca 5. Either would suit but for the added bass as your amp is quite low power wise I’d go with Naca 5.
Great system you have a great match with those Proac

Another vote for Tellurium Q Black ll…with Nova and Proac Respnse DB3.

I’d stick with the NACA5 if you can accommodate its stiffness and manipulate it around your room fixtures.

Alternatively, there are also the Witchhat cables developed by ex Naim bods - the N2 and their latest Phantom cable. I have N2, which replaced NACA4 as I would not have been able to thread NACA5 around the room obstacles. N2 much more manageable, modestly priced, and sounds a little clearer in the higher frequencies than NACA4. I’d be looking here, or the Phantom if you intend to upgrade upstream.

thanks for the reply guys. im currently using qed signature revelation, which sounds good to my ears but now with the speaker upgrade im wondering if new cables would coax a bit more out of my system. loving the proacs so far. that ribbon tweeter is already sounding superb

In my case my local dealer loaned me cable sets to try. For example I’ve just had a set of TQ Silver on loan for 3 weeks… btw a definite step up from the Black; even SWMBO noticed the improvement.

AVOptions (the US Naim guys) makes the Twisted56 speaker cable which I like a bit better than the NACA5. Also at a better price point…


A nice jump in sound for me was when I added a set of cables and a mains block from Titan Audio.

My 3 month old d20r sound good to me.

Next I’ll try some TQ black 2 against my naca5 before I decide whether to revisit the boxes.

I too was using QED Signature Revelation and I was happy with it.

I looked into upgrading my Chord Chameleon vee3 interconnects.
I demoed the Tellurium q black interconnects after reading many positive reviews, but I wasn’t that impressed really.

Realising just how much I preferred my own chameleons I looked to my speaker cables.

After much web browsing I stumbled upon a second hand pair of Terminated QED genesis silver spiral speaker cables.

Now the Revelations are up for sale :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

With the genesis silver spirals my system has gained greater clarity and focus with a wider and taller stereo image.

Vocals are much more defined and natural sounding.

There isn’t more bass, its just better emphasized and tighter.

Its sounds like my nait XS2 has greater control and grip over my speakers.

They really have taken my system up a notch or two, I wish I had have looked at replacing my speaker cables first

Although you’ll not find a lot of love for Chord cables on this web site, I would recommend you demo a couple of their products if possible. I chose Chord Epic to pair my D20r speakers with a SuperUniti, after comparing directly with NACA5. A cheaper, but excellent option, is Chord Odyssey X or Shawline (I now use Epic Reference to connect ProAc K6s to 250DR, preferring it to Superlumina).

Let your ears do the choosing.

I have used Naim with a number of different ProAc speakers (Tablet Sigs, Response D2, D28) and always found NACA5 to be quite satisfactory. Not to mention it doesn’t break the bank like so many other speaker cables.

I have a pair of ProAc D38’s with Nordost Blueheaven speaker cable and it sounds terrific.

I keep seeing ‘Prozac and Naim’ as the thread title!

I’d love to demo some Proac speakers again, last time I did so they were just too ‘deep’ for my room with a suspended floor and reverberations went through the plumbing rattling radiators elsewhere in the house!

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