Proac D20R or Focal Aria 936?

Hi, I’m looking for a good speaker match for my Naim Supernait 3. Maybe Proac D20R or Focal Aria 936. Other good alternatives can be considered including standmount speakers. I like good resolution V curve type, not so bright or harsh. My room is an open space with 2 areas 13’ x 27’. I like jazz, rock and classical music. My budget is $5,000USD.

What are your recommendations based in listening experience. Thanks for your support.

I can recommend ProAc D2’s and ProAc D30RS speakers with a SuperNait since I have had experience with both. I am sure the D20R would work with the SN 3 as well. There a number of Naim/ProAc forum members and the two make a good match.

I have never heard focal speakers so can not comment on their performance with the SN 3.

Hopefully you can have a demo with a dealer and at home prior to purchase.

Good luck with your decision.

I have the D20R speakers and I like them a lot, although if I heard the Focal’s I’d probably like them too. I am using them with a 250.2.

Your room is about the same size as mine, and I have them on one of the short walls and in that position they work well and are quite discreet; they are a fair bit smaller than the Focal’s. I have them about 12" from the wall which is less than the suggested distance, but they are clear and not boomy helped no doubt by the bottom firing port. The Focal’s have a front firing port so may be OK similarly close to the wall - there is no way I could have speakers 2 feet from the back wall and achieve domestic harmony!

My main listening position is about 3 metres away from them and they work well at that distance. I notice that the Focal’s are very sensitive so if you like loud and are not so close then that may be a consideration.

So, no comparison I’m afraid just some rambling observations.

I’m also interested to hear others’ experiences with the Aria range. Am planning a demo session with them in coming weeks - last time I demoed Focal speakers, I found them quite sharp and with a metallic sheen on the high end, but that was a few years ago. My local Naim dealer is obviously recommending them as a good match for Naim, but am wondering if a 282/250.2 will outclass them. Also have Dynaudio Special 40 on the list.

Thanks for your recommendations. :+1:

Thanks for your recommendations.

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