ProAc D30R vs D30RS

Does anyone could describe the sonic differences – if any exists – between the ProAc D30R and D30RS?
I could add a pair of used D30R to my NAC52-NAP250 combo, the source is mainly a mid-range LP12 and some simple digital. Actually using ProAcs MiniTower Mk2.
Many thanks

Hi, I can’t really answer you question but if you search for D30 using the forum search function you will see many posts. I think the consensus is for a general preference for the ribbon version. There are many posts to wade through but it will give you some sort of idea of what expect albeit that you ears will be the final arbiters. You may even pick up some pointers regarding alternatives, should neither be to your liking. Good luck !

@seakayaker has a pair but I’m not sure he did a comparison between the two.

I have had the D30R for a couple of years now and absolutely love them. Bought them second hand but never compared to the D30RS. Might be wrong but I believe I read somewhere that Proac was having problems sourcing the carbon woofers in the originals and so developed replacements. Not necessarily because they were “broken”. Take that with a pinch of salt though.

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I have been using a pair of ProAc D30RS since March 2020. First with my SN 2 and now with a 282/250 DR. (Full system can be viewed in my profile.)

I did not compare the D30R vs the D30RS. I had heard the D30RS at a ProAc demo night at my dealer and loved them. This was in the late summer of 2019, the opportunity to buy a pair came about the following March and took them home for a demo and they never left. I did previously own a pair of ProAc D2 speakers with the dome tweeter vs the ribbon and enjoyed them as well.

I believe you will find that ProAc and Naim work well together. As with everything, a demo at the dealer and at home is best for making the decision.

Good luck with your decision…

Thanks everyone for the replies. I’m convinced that ProAc and Naim fit very well together, as my very old and certainly too small MiniTowers did until now. BTW they will be used with my Nait 3 again.
I will be listening to the used D30R and if they’re ok I’ll go for them, I’ll keep up with my experience.

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