ProAc DT8 verse Harbeth P3ESR bookshelf

Hi all; looking at pairing either of the above with a Naim Atom. I appreciate one is floor-stander and the other compact bookshelf but any advice for a room 19ft * 14ft with 11ft ceiling height. It’s a flat so volume will usually be lower. I’m favouring the size of the Harberth’s but can’t get away from the greater range and depth / bass of the ProAc’s - advice and experience would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

That’s like comparing apples and oranges, they are so different. You might find P3ESR lacking in bass, being limited range speakers, in that size room. You might also find DT8 offer too much bass for your room.

I’d look more to harbrth 30.1 and atc scm19 or scm40 for your room size.

Have you listened to them? Which do you prefer? Can you try them at home?

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I have the P3ESR with a 200/202 combo. They are lovely speakers and I am very pleased with them, but my tastes are acoustic and classical. I don’t listen too loud as I six small children living next door.

I would say that these are “horses for courses” speakers , they sound as if they have removed a coat of varnish . I have the dedicated HIFI racks stand

Just to muddy the water further - I’m a longtime fan of dynaudio, but have never owned them (currently using harbeth 30.1). I had a quick listen to the dynaudio evoke 30 , It was in a less than ideal situation and streamed low res, so i can’t make any real determination, but the size (even the 20) seem like they would be a good choice for a small(ish) room. Too new for any reviews but might be worth seeking out. (I keep seeming to be hawking them, but if i change speakers it is on my short list)

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