ProAc K6 vs K6 Signature


I have upgraded recently my Naim chain to NDX, PS 555 DR, NAC 252 ans NAP 300 DR.

Now I am thinking about a speaker upgrade from ProAc D30R.

Is the difference between the ProAc K6 and the K6 Signature big and the price worth?

I am also interested on used speakers.

Thank you for your advice,


Mat I’ve been on the Naim upgrade path since 2016. Started with 250/272 to 252/nds/300 to today 552/500/555. My best advise is to remember your system is only as good as your weakest link. So try and balance all your equipment UNLESS YOU ARE GOING TO CONTINUE ON THE UPGRADE PATH. My opinion is to match with the k6 unless you may upgrade later. I’m sure the signature is better, but the 552 is better than the 252 and the statement is better than the 552. It never ends.

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