Probably not? - Naim App Question

Using dBPoweramp / Minim / Naim App

Assuming a box set of 3 albums with 10 tracks on each.

Is there any way to have the box cover photo displayed on the screen, with all the tracks i.e. 1-30, then when clicking e.g. track 11, the appropriate picture for that album is displayed?

I have loaded it all, it displays track No. 1 picture i.e. Album No.1 picture.

Clicking to open indiviual tracks, the correct photo for the album is displayed i.e. 1-10 album No.1 photo, 11-20 album No.2 photo etc.

Just problem with box cover photo, cannot think of a solution?!

To be sure I understand - you want the same photo (the box cover photo) on all the individual album
(1-30) tracks.

Yes it’s possible, I’ve done it with a few of mine. You need a .jpg copy of the box cover (re)named ‘cover’ or ‘folder’.
Then using dBpoweramp you can change the cover art.
With Windows-10 ‘File Explorer’ or the Mac eq., open each of the albums & select (highlight) all the tracks, left click on the tracks, select ‘Edit ID Tags’ in the Pop-Up screen. A new edit screen opens up & the existing art picture in at the bottom left side of the screen.
Remove the existing art (thats done with the X on the far right side of the screen)
Select either ‘Load From File’ if you have a .jpg, or ‘Choose From Internet’ - this is an auto-lookup screen & look to see if the one you want is available. Select (touch) & it loads to dBp edit screen.
Then don’t forget to press “OK” (save) at the bottom of the screen
Repeat for the other two albums.

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Thank you for your reply.
I have obviously explained it badly

I want the Box Cover photo on the Naim app as I scroll through my albums.

e.g. a box set of 3 Beatles albums, ‘Help’, Rubber Soul’, ‘With The Beatles’
The box has a cover photo different to the 3 albums, so it should appear on the Naim app album listing, but when clicking a track from ‘Help’ - the ‘Help’ cover photo appears.
Help is needed !

Once I click e.g. Track 1 or 2 or 3 - 10 - I wish the album picture (which is on tracks 1-10 i.e. Album No.1)
If I click on Track 11,12,13 - 20 I wish Album 2 cover to appear.

It works fine apart from the box cover photo, nowhere to put it?

The Naim app appears to take the Track No.1 photo as the album cover.

I cannot really think of a workaround ?!

The Naim app doesn’t do much except display what it gets sent. What you are looking is something that the media server software controls. Thats Minimserver I see & I’m not that familiar with it, so I suggest you ask the question on the Minimserver forum.

I’m not sure what precedence rules Minim uses for artwork but you could try putting a folder.jpg in each album folder with the box artwork, and then embed the album-specific artwork into the album track files as described by Mike.

Thanks for replies and suggestions, I will further investigate, but not sure it is possible

This link might help.

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The link to the minimserver artwork ‘hierarchy’ within the (minim) thread above looks like it should answer your question. Your question has made me think about how I might handle some multiple album sets (differently). I wonder whether there’s a similar hierarchy for Asset?
I know there’s a way you can determine which image is used at the artist browse level, and I might look into this further when I’ve got a bit more time on my hands.

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Done It !!
The link below explains

I have now got an 8 album set with the main box cover photo on the Naim app, but when selecting individual tracks the correct album cover appears.

The link below explains it.
Thanks @gert & @GavinB for kick starting me !

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