Probably the best USD 100,000 spend


If i had USD 100,000 to spare - i would line up for this one…


This seems a bargain at $19,000.

My preference would be to see the edge of space, ironically one is likely to see infinitely more…:crazy_face:


For the aircraft boffs.


Wow !

I read somewhere similar a MiG 29 taking a pilot and passenger to the edge of space !…the water is scarier I think though I love a good swim in my locality pool.

I thought I would hold the record for the most threads with Zero responses…till now… :grinning:

That would be magnificent but how about this ?

Screenshot 2020-03-17 at 16.51.26

Though I suspect it would not fit such a portly gentleman as myself


At the moment I’d settle for a remote secluded island with a well-stocked larder of non-perishable foodstuffs, useful seeds and possibly some methods of obtaining meat/fish.


Lightning, was designed…as an intercepter fighter. As such, it has probably the fastest rate-of-climb of any combat aircraft – *[Flight International 1967.

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I suffer from claustrophobia and thought of being trapping in a tin can 11,000 meters below the surface would drive me nuts, I’d love to fly to the edge of space though.

It’s got 90 mm thk titanium skin…

It’s got a bar too…


I hear all bars and beers are non essential on land these days…

And besides I re-read if and the cost is USD 750,000

You’d need more than alcohol to get me in, you’d have knock me out. I’d be a danger to everyone in it.

I used to ski with an RAF Air Vice Marshall, AVM as he was universally known was a bit of a kamikaze, ran the RAF ski team, and wore a helmet back in the 90’s before they became de rigeur. His claim to fame was eyeballing a Russian Bear over the North Sea in his Lightning - the Bear was escorted out of British air space.

Ok, Major Tom, that would still be in a tin can.:wink:


Good one


God I knew it’d be you. Alright agreed, but it just seems different. :thinking:

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My brother is licensed to fly one of them. Sadly he doesn’t have one.

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