Problem connecting iPad Pro to Muso and Muso QB via WiFi


I have an iPad Pro 2 and a Muso Gen 1 and Muso Qb, which have worked very well until the last couple of days.

iPad Pro

I have the latest ios update on my ipad and the latest firmware updates on the Muso and Qb.

I can access the Radio Presets via the Naim App on my iPad, when I try to access the BBC radio Player, or other online radio sites and iTunes, on both the Muso or Qb, whatever I’m listening to on the Muso and Qb stop the speaker goes silence and the source I’m trying to listen to, is paused on the iPad.

iPhone 8 Plus

This still works well on both the MuSo and Qb.

Apprecaite your help on this.


Hi Wil, are you using AirPlay for BBC iPlayer, iTunes etc? If so, perhaps this is not discovering your Musos?


I am using Air Play and both the Muso and Qb appear.

When I try to connect them. The white circle and tick appears but no sound comes out of either speaker and it is paused on my iPad.


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