Problem copying files from Melco to USB

I have owned a Melco N1/ZH2 for a couple of years and recently had it updated by Melco UK to EX spec. Previously I used to copy music stored on the Melco to a USB drive for use in my car. I simply used to copy the files wirelessly using file explorer on my laptop over my home network. However now I am unable to copy files from the Melco. Each time I get an ‘Interrupted Action’ message stating that ‘an unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file; Error 0x8000000A’. This makes no sense to me! I am aware that some settings on the EX differ from earlier settings on the Melco. I have SMB File Sharing ‘On’ - whatever SMB means?

Any suggestions welcome! Thanks

It’s a standard Windows error code but terribly unspecific. When googling it I find various people having problems with this error code when copying files from hard disks in various devices like TV set-top boxes. I some cases might have something to do with the device running a UPnP server. It’s probably a Windows issue but I’d ask Melco, they may well know.

SMB is Windows’s network protocol for sharing files (and other stuff like printers) over the network.

Maybe worth checking that smb file sharing is enabled on your laptop. Windows update has switched mine off by default as part of the upgrade in the past.

Many thanks. Your observations all make good sense, but I guess I’ll have to contact Melco for a definitive answer.

Phil Harris of this parish a while ago was at Melco, should be a good place to start enquiries.

Thanks. That seems to be ok.

Do you back up your Melco, the recommended three drives in three locations.
If so, can you connect the backup drive to your PC/laptop and copy from there?

That’s certainly a good idea as I do back up the Melco occasionally. However, if I have just ripped a CD or two I would like to be able to copy the files directly to my USB stick. That’s what I’ve been able to do in the past.

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