Problem copying with from USB to Network

My listening process is to rip or download music to a USB stick which is my ‘work in process’ location - just to make sure I give everything full attention on initial purchase before transferring the music (folders) to my NAS.

A week ago everything worked fine, I popped in the USB and dragged the files over to my networked NAS. Now following a Windows update to 1803 & 1903 versions I understand that ‘Homegroup’ has been abolished and when I try to drag the files over to the network I get the red circle with a bar through it so I can’t copy from the USB to the network anymore.

Anyone have a solution? Thanks as always

I take it your ‘network’ in regards to this is a mapped network drive?

I would goto network on the left see if it find your bad and delink to it if it does not show which is very likely then you need to determine its ip and in the address bar of network tab type \theipaddress and you should get to it that way then remap the drive

@garyi - great thanks that seems to have fixed the problem - well done.

Sorry I realise that autocorrect went mad on my response but glad you deciphered it, in short you had to remap your nas drive!

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