Problem starting multroom (Muso -> NDX2)

I have two devices that are capable of pairing up for multiroom listening: Muso (gen1) and NDX2.

I can successfully start a multiroom session when the NDX2 is the MASTER/INITIATOR: the Muso correctly plays the same stuff.

However if I try to start a multiroom session from the Muso, adding the NDX2 as a multiroom participant, the NDX2 never joins. On the NDX2 display it looks like it switches to multiroom but on the Naim app I get an error dialog: "we’re still waiting for NDX2 “to join the group”. No music plays from the NDX2.

Anyone had similar issue where multiroom can only be started ‘one-way’? Both devices are on same network (Muso-wireless / NDX2-ethernet) - both DHCP. I recently upgraded from a ND5xs and the pair had no issue starting multiroom from either device. This has started since getting the NDX2.

Do these devices have any diagnostics logs I can access to troubleshoot the issue?


I called up the friendly tech support team (01722 443 405) and we came to the following conclusion:

  • Working as expected
  • The NDX2 is a much more advanced streaming platform than the Muso (Gen1)
  • Naim recommend leading multiroom listening in that config with the NDX2 (it would sound better)

I agree that it’s better to use the NDX2 as multiroom server. Still, it’s odd that you can’t get it to work the other way, as it should work, so I wouldn’t agree that things are “working as expected”.

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