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Hi. I stream from Qobuz using a small laptop with a USB C to USB B cable into a recently acquired DAC V1/NAP 100 set-up. Works perfectly, great sound. I have a few hi-res downloads, and intend to buy more, so have been trying out Roon and Audivarna. Problem is, when I stream via either player, or play a locally held file, there is a very noticeable “ticking” - sounds a bit like a needle hitting a fine scratch on vinyl. Sometimes slow, sometimes really fast. Same track from the Qobuz app directly, no problem. Anyone have any experience/understanding/solution? Thanks.

That does sound strange. Are you able to play one of those files on any other device other than your laptop?

Also do you have Audacity SW on your PC, which will show the wave pattern of the track and you will be able to zoom in on any clicks if it’s there?

Thanks for coming back to me. The files are fine, I’ve played them from a thumb drive via my Nova - perfect. What I haven’t done, it occurs to me now, is try to stream them via Roon to the Nova, see if the problem persists. I suspect it’s limited to the V1, but will see. Don’t have the software you mention - I’ll have a look. Thanks again

So, playing local file to the Nova via Roon, no ticking (and very nice too, CS&N first album). Guess it’s something to do with the interaction between Roon and the V1, which is, after all, pretty old kit. Ah well, it’s only a bolt hole, and I can live with streaming down there.

Im using roon plus dac v1, it works perfectly.
Which firmware version is your dac v1 using?

Good question. Only acquired it recently and haven’t checked. Is it still possible to get updates?
Which is what mine’s on.

In roon: all set at default values.

No problems playing hires from qobuz via roon. So yours should be working.

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That’s incredibly helpful, thanks very much Robert. I shall give it a go and report back.

Brilliant, all sorted. Thanks so much. Sounds fabulous too. Love this forum!


Oh great, was it running older firmware?

It was. Also had some volume control issues (changing in steps of 2 or 4 rather than 1 at a time), but the internal slider in Room solves that, so all is well in the my little nearfield den.

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