Problem with 250 power amp

My 250 power amp has developed what I hope is only a minor issue. The power button is not engaging properly when I switch it on. It will eventually engage and power up if I hold the button in, but it is not working properly. Has anyone else had a similar issue? Is this something I will need to get repaired by an authorised repair centre, such as Class A, or by Naim?


Class A should be able to help. Give Darran a call. :slight_smile:

Yes, when my 500 came back from service. I consulted my dealer who suggested the power button wasn’t coming back out all the way at switch off and that letting it ping back on its spring would sort it, he was right. Press the button fully in and slid your finger off it so spring can do its utmost.

Thanks for the advice Yeti - just tried that and it seems to have worked. I’ll monitor it and if necessary I’ll give Darran at Class A a call.

Thanks Guinnless. I seem to be sorted for the moment.

Great news. An improvement to Naim kit with zero cost. That got to be good :grinning:

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