Problem with Active 135 system

Hello all

I have recently set up my active 135 system but am experiencing a problem.

I can get all four amps working and I can get all four Snaxo output sockets working
and I can get all four XLR’s working and I can get all four (SBL) drivers working but not all at the same time.

There is always one Snaxo output/XLR/Amp/driver that won’t work but if I change the XLR leads or Snaxo outputs around I can get all four drivers working but not all at the same time.

If I change or move the XLR’s around on the Snaxo outputs another XLR lead - Snaxo output - amp and driver stops working.

So therefore I can’t pin the problem down to any single piece of equipment.

Does anybody have any ideas.

System comprise of:

Server-Dac V1>Nac 52 input 2a or 3>Burndy>Supercap2 socket 5>Olive Supercap socket 5>Burndy>Snaxo 2-4>2xXLR with three wires wired up and 2x XLR with two wires wired up (one has the blue wire cut and the other has the brown wire cut). Pics attached.

I’m curently using 3.5M nac A4 on the LF and 5M Nac A5 on the HF.

The Burndy from the Nac 52 label is red with NA-52 03

The Burndy to the Snaxo label is green with Snaxo/S-line 0178

Photo’s attached. See further down the thread for better quality/higher resolution images.

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Not sure that that is correct… I think that all 4 DIN-XLR leads should be like the 2nd pair…

@Richard.Dane or @NeilS - or anyone who understands Naim Active set ups…?

PS. The last picture shows that these leads are or were - made of UK main cable…
Like mine was… :slightly_smiling_face:

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I go by the banding colour on each DIN-XLR cable (Green for CH1, Red for CH2). I can’t recall which wire is cut for which though. What is the brand colour on each of those leads?

When all wires are connected it’s a NAP250 DIN-XLR (White band CH1 + CH2).


Green band on img 1
Red band on img 2


Hi @Yorkshireman, long time active user.
First rule of connecting active - never connect treble speakers to power amps until bass is fully working - leave treble speaker wires unconnected to amps.

Next connect speakers to bass amps, then connect bass amps to snaxo, select a known source and check left and right channels are functioning correctly.

Ensure that the snaxo you have, is the same as the wiring diagram you are using as a reference.

I have taken a photo of an old Naim connection guide, for snaxo and amps - its c20 years old, so is the correct era for olive.

However please bear in mind there are a couple of snaxo versions for 2-driver active. It is also wise to check yours has not been modified in anyway.

Connections changed and there have been occasional mentions of the socket arrangements being reassigned. @Richard.Dane has posted on this previously.

Stick to checking only bass and substitute at each stage until you have all four amps doing bass and you have identified the correct i/cs. Only then imo should you go any further.

If you haven’t considered, label each wire from snaxo on, through to speakers. Others have already mentioned the channel label of the XLR/DIN.


The set of LXR’s that have one blue and one brown wire cut has a green tag with CH1 L NA-24 and a red tag with CH2 R NA-14 on them and the other pair of LXR’s that have all three wires wired up just has a white tag (pic ) with Y on one and B on the other.

Snaxo 2-4

Click on images for a larger preview.

Some better quality/higher resolution images of the set up.

Click on images for a larger preview.


I’ve got some Witch Hat XLR’s and interconnects coming so maybe see if they solve the problem.

Does anybody know if the Snaxo (above) looks like it’s wired up normally/correctly to Naim original spec or if it’s been changed/altered/re -assigned in any way?

Probably a good idea for @NeilS to take a look and advise.


Be careful with any i/cs here that aren’t the Naim ones as the SNAXOs can easily go unstable otherwise. It’s why Naim SNAICs should not be used with the smaller amps when used active. Instead it’s recommended to use Naim active leads which are the DIN-XLR cables but with DINs at each end.


Also does anybody know which Cherry finish the Naim Fraim is in the pics above as I would like to order (need) another level?

They only do one cherry finish. They do 3 finishes Black Ash, Ash and cherry. Matching is a problem that can be sorted by local french polisher who can match it all up. I have a mix of Ash and previous wood finish. I have managed to match them a bit. I don’t notice it now.


The left stack is darker than right. They are all different shades dark to mid to light. Took it all apart and matched as best I could.

I think there is Cherry and tinted Cherry.

That’s the earliest Cherry finish by the look of it. The new one is a lot darker (and somewhat more red). I understand that the old finish is no longer available, so you’ll be looking for second hand if you want to match your existing stack

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I’ll start by saying that I curse having to set up active systems in our listening room!
The Snaxo looks standard to me.
Without any confidence whatsoever - this is how I would connect it up using the cables you have:
(I’ve borrowed & edited sound-hound’s picture from above - hope you don’t mind).


Well that’s got it working but it doesn’t make any sense to me. I never thought to try splitting the XLR’s like that.

I was told that the top Snaxo outputs were only wired with two wires so the three wired XLR’s would work best on the top.

And the bottom Snaxo outputs were wired with three wires so would take the two wired XLR’s best.

Anyway thanks for taking your time over this and especially for taking the time to edit the picture that @ sound-hound posted to make it idiot proof for me.

This has perplexed a lot of experts over the last couple of weeks, (personally I don’t think anybody took a proper look at it).

Very much appreciated. Thank you.


Thank you Richard for your help on this. Very much appreciated.