Problem with exiting demo mode on Naim Mu-So 2nd

Hello, everyone!
I went into demo mode on the Naim.
To do this, on the control wheel pressed the button to go to the menu (3 dots), then consistently entered the code: 31442.

But now I can’t get out of demo mode to be back in standard mode.
How do I do that?
On the Internet I found no information.
Help, please.

I’ve never heard of this, but poking the reset button with the supplied pokey thing should do it.

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I saw instructions on how to enable the demo mode on one of the videos on YouTube (screenshot attached). I turned it on, but I don’t know how to turn it off. If I don’t find a solution, I’ll have to do a factory reset, which will lead to the loss of settings(

Have you tried leaving a comment for the author of the video? Or sending an e-mail to (or calling if that’s still possible) Naim support?

Of course. These two steps are the first thing I did. But I have a hypothesis that in this forum I will get an answer to my question much faster.

According to an older post here, switching in and out of Demo mode on the Mu-So2 is part of the sales training, so your dealer may well know, but almost certainly Naim support should do so. Failing that @NeilS may be able to help when he looks in at some point.

Out of curiosity, what does demo mode do?

OK, Thank you for your reply. I hope to hear back from @NeilS soon.

So I turned it on out of curiosity)) This system has 5 songs in memory. Demo mode accesses these songs (by pressing buttons 1 to 5 on the control circle). According to the manufacturer, these songs sound very good on the audio system. I even found the names of these songs here on the forum by searching for “demo mode”. Now it remains to understand how to turn it off)

I’m afraid the only way to exit demo mode is to reset the unit using the pin hole (5 secs).



Thank you for your reply. I did. Now I will know about this demo mode)

For anyone else curious:

Just 1/5 on the Naim label.
Anna Leone is one “n” not two.


You have to feel sorry for dealers if there are only 5 songs in demo mode. By hour 3 they must be going mad


That’s just so it can sit in John Lewis and have something ready to go with zero fuss. The first gen ones had a Samsung tablet set up as a controller and another selection of songs; I forget which ones.
I’m surprised it’s not all Naim label tracks, must be licensing required.

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Reading the thread it seems obvious for copyright reasons that Naim would not allow users to gain access to songs unless these are from naim records. But a list of these tracks would be interesting. I have no plan of trying this out if it even works on my qb first generation.

The tracks were posted above:
“Chaleur humaine” Christine and the queens
“Cease to begin” band of horses
“A moment of madness” Izzy bizu
“Wandered away” Anna leone
“Tears of joy” Antonio Forcione (Naim records)

I’m not convinced these were selected as stand out “sound great on the muso” tracks.

Having just listened to all 5 I’d have to agree!

Band of Horses is enjoyable.
Forcione is an instrumental track.

The other three tracks are entirely forgettable……

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