Problem with music cutting out after pausing or stopping

When playing music via the naim App using and Apple ipad, if I stop or pause the track (say to go and have dinner or short break can be 5 min to 20 min) when I return, the paused track is still displaying however when I press play, the track will play very briefly (fraction of a second) and then stop and the screen will show nothing playing. This is a problem I have been experiencing for a few years and I recall asking a question on the previous forum but did not get any definitive answers. This problem remains when I substitute the iPad for my iPhone and also happens on both the 272 and Muso QB, which are located in different rooms.

I also play music via Apple music on my iPad, HomePod, iPhone. I can pause music and come back even the next day and pick up from were I left?

I have previously used a Synology and Qnap NAS to store and stream my music and had the same problems (using Minimserve and Asset upnp). I now use a Uniti Core and had hoped the problem would be resolved, but unfortunately not.

I have contacted Naim tech support regarding this issue and have had various suggestions over many weeks, but again nothing that resolves the problem. I have also shared with them my network set up which I think is fairly robust (Apple airport extreme and expresses) which is shown in the below image. My current set up is in my profile, but is Uniti Core, 272, 555PS DR, ATC SCM40A (active speakers)

My last conversation with Naim tech support indicated that they had managed to replicate the issue themselves and that it would be resolved in a firmware update to the app, but this was back in September 2019 and no updates yet! Does any one else experience this issue? I assume its something to do with my network so am thinking it may be time to try a whole house mesh wifi set up ie BT or Google, but will this be any better than what I already have?

As usual any help or advise appreciated.

I have posted a couple of times in various threads about an apparent loss of network handshaking. Always between tracks and only when using Qobuz, if the track is over 4 minutes long. I am wondering if it is linked to the app (iOS power saving?), ceasing to hold open the link to the player. I can revive music by pressing buttons on the app but it does seem like I am back in the old days.

Thanks Njb. My problem is music played via UPnP and I’m reaching out to see if anyone else is experiencing the same issues as me.

Yes, if I pause the system and leave for a period of time the music will not play. I normally just restart the album on the track that I paused it. I thought it would be nice if it would just continue playing where I left it but have learned to live with the system. My normal routine is to listen to albums all the way through so this is an exception and not the rule.

Thats interesting seakayaker as you seem to experience the same issue as me and like me have just learnt to live with it! It would be nice to understand what causes this and if there is a solution?

Paul, I always assumed it is a time out built into the software somewhere. It could be the app, the streamer, the network, just unsure. If I pause for a short time it is ok, I am unsure what the drop-off/disconnect time is set at, I never have attempted to watch and time it until the drop off occurred. After it happened a few times I started making a mental note of what track I was on and when I returned I would just either select play and if it had dropped off I would then click on the album again and select the track and continue on. In the scheme of things a very slight bother but if it was a perfect world…

Your right seakayaker, it’s not a perfect world but this is something I’ve lived with for a long time, so not a priority in the scheme of things. Appreciate your replies :+1:

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