Problem with Naim App for Muso 2 Gen

I have been searching in the Naim forums to find a solution to a problem I am having with my Muso. I can’t find any solution that works.

I purchased the Naim Muso to make it easy for me to listen to all my music. I have advanced Muscular Dystrophy and was struggling to use a CD player and reach for all the CD’s in my collection. I saved all my music on a thumb drive and purchased the Muso so I could easily select music using the Naim iPhone app.

Unfortunately, after more than 1 year of enjoying my Muso, I am experiencing problems. The Naim app on my Iphone is giving me a “Streamer Not Responding” message. My wifi signal is strong, the modem is in a great area for reception, and I also have ethernet cable connected directly to the Muso.

I can cast music using Air Play from my iPhone without a problem and I can also cast from my PC using Bluetooth with no problem. I do not want to have to add all my music to my iPhone but want to use the thumb drive that can be inserted into the Muso. There is also nothing wrong with the thumb drive. I also have a backup thumb drive.

Can you tell me what may be the problem with the iPhone app might be? I have deleted and reinstalled it, and tried all other solutions recommended in the forum.

Thank you so much for your help.

This may help as I’ve had similar issues from time to time: simply turn the Muso off. Leave for a few seconds, then turn it back on. I don’t know why it sometimes gets ‘clogged’ but this has always cleared whatever the problem has been. Good luck

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