Problem with Naim Atom

I wonder if anyone have same problem as I do, and if someone know solution for it.
Every time as I like to listen to Atom and open Naim app there appears text “No rooms found”. Then, when I push “refresh” button, app starts to co-operate as it should and name of my Atom apperars on screen. This problem isnt a big deal but if there is a solution I really appreciate if someone share it with me. I dont have any ideas what to do but put system in a “deep sleep mode”, but when I put it on again there was no cure. I also delete my app and installed it again.

Hannu Tunturi, Finland

Mine does the same but it quickly finds it. It is a bit weird as it finds the Mu-So and 272 straight away.

I have a Qute and a Atom, the Qute always shows up on the App but I have to refresh it to see the Atom, like you say not a big problem just annoyance.
Both are wired, IOS App.

Yep Naim app and discovery not always the greatest with the Atom.

I had the same problem with the atom. I solved the problem by adding the atom manual and it is now straight away there.

Yes, I initially also had the same problem with my Atom.
Then I assigned a fixed address for the Atom in the DHCP settings of my router (using the MAC address of the Atom); after that, recognition by the App was most of the time near-instant.
Since some updates the last months (I think it was the Atom update with Airplay2, could also have been an App update around the time) I’m also back to the situation, that most of the time I have to manually “search” once. :confused:

My Uniti Star is the same.But I’ll try assigning a fixed IP to see if that helps.

It’s funny how certain suggestions seem to fall in and out of favour on the forum. A few years ago, it was a common recommendation to reserve an IP address for either server or streamer as a cure for discovery problems. More recently, this idea has often been berated, and for me, sticking with DHCP has generally been fine.
Note that there are two different things that are sometimes referred to as a Static IP address. One is where the client itself is manually configured to have its own IP address. The other is where the DHCP server is configured to always assign one of the addresses from its range of available addresses to a particular device, which is probably what most people mean when they say they are using a static address.

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