Problem with Naim WAV downloads

I wonder if anyone is able to help me with this issue?

I have just half a dozen or so Naim FLAC downloads, purchased from their online store. In each case I have downloaded the zip file & extracted the contents, creating either a 16 or 24bit album folder. Then simply copied the folder to my Core using my PC. It has worked perfectly each time, the albums playing & displaying the track details & cover art, without me needing to do anything.

Earlier this week I purchased a 24bit WAV download & went through the same process to copy it to my Core & it plays just fine. The problem is there is no track info or cover art displayed &, no matter what I have tried, I can’t get them to show. Despite the album folder showing the artists name & album title, it just appears as ‘Unknown’ on the Core.

Just to double check I copied the album to a USB stick & plugged this direct into my Nova. Again it played with no problem but did not show track info or cover art & displayed the artist as ‘Unknown’.

I then downloaded the same album in FLAC (only available as 16bit) & copied that to my Core & it played normally & displayed all the track info & cover art. The name of the artist was also shown correctly.

So, does anyone have any ideas as to what is going wrong & how I may correct it?

Is the metadata there if you navigate to the files on a computer? If so I would convert them to FLAC and see if you can see them then.
If the metadata is completely missing you could add it in a metadata editor, which should allow you to search for it online or manually add it yourself.

Before I converted to FLAC I found Qobuz to be particularly poor with WAV files. A friendly complain to them they told me its not possible to attach metadata to WAV, this despite that all the other www vendors & the ripping software houses do so & even Qobuz themselves did so in the past - was your purchase from said company ???

Whatever, as Chris said, its easy to add it yourself if its just one or two albums, tiresome if more.
I use Mp3tag or dBpoweramp

The metadata is there in the conversion program I use when necessary but I have only resaved the file in WAV format, with the same results, missing track info & cover art.

It hadn’t occurred to me to save it in FLAC format. I will try this & my guess will be that it will work. will post again when I have tried it.

No Mike, purchase was from Naims online store.

I am pretty certain I have purchased WAV downloads from other sources that have worked perfectly.

In this case the 16bit FLAC download of the same album works properly so I if I can’t create a 24bit FLAC version from the WAV download I will leave it at that.

I would send a message to Naim, they will be pleased to know of this defect
But yes you can copy/paste the missing tags from the 16bit to the 24bit, that keeps it as WAV-24, then if you want, convert to FLAC

@Mike-B @ChrisSU

Pleased to advise that the conversion to 24bit FLAC worked. The only thing that didn’t was that no cover art was picked up despite it being included as a JPEG file in the WAV download.

This was simply resolved by adding the album cover art to each track by a single click in my conversion software.

I will notify Naim of the problem I have experienced & see what they say.

Thanks for your helpful input.

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