Problem With NDX2 Digital Out

I’ve encountered a problem with the Digital Out function on my NDX2. Gaps between tracks on an album or playlist are created by briefly terminating the digital signal. This causes my DAC to issue a brief ‘futzing’ sound in response to the loss of the SPDIF signal. I know, this sounds trivial, but it is super-annoying and ruins the listening experience. Is there any way to play a little ‘silence’ between tracks and maintain the digital signal at the bitrate of the last-played item? Or would this be more apparoriate as a feature request to Naim?


That shouldn’t happen, certainly not something I’ve ever seen. Does this happen with all music sources, local streams, web streams, AirPlay etc? What format is the music?
Also, what DAC are you using, and is there any chance your SPDIF cable is either faulty or not connected properly?

Not sure if this NDX2 behavior is normal, ChrisSU makes good points above as always. But if it is, I think this would depend on what’s specified in the protocol, if anything - no signal or a “silence” signal. Maybe the DAC shouldn’t futz if it gets no signal? No idea, just wondering who it is that is misbehaving

I replaced the DAC that exhibited the futzing static noise between tracks with a Chord Qutest and then I tested the NDX2 again. No noises between tracks with the Qutest. So it looks like there is an issue with the other DAC. I have asked the dealer to follow up.

Interesting to note that the JRiver software has an option to play a seconds of silence between tracks to alleviate problems reported with certain DACs issuing a ‘clicking’ noise when starting playback. So somewhat similar to my findings except I get a static buzzy noise rather than a click

The OP has already opened a similar thread in May. “ Ndx2 skipping tracks”.
Was the dealer involved with that problem already?

I never got any issue with P S Audio Direc Stream Sr DAC fed from digital out of NDX2.


After testing my two streamers ( NDX2 and Lindemann Limetree Bridge ) with a Chord Qutest DAC I found no problems and so my conclusion is that the issue is with the McIntosh MCD85 and I have asked the dealer to relay my findings to the distributor.

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