Problem with new Hi-cap2

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I have an issue with my new Hi-cap2 , recently sometimes when I turn the unit on , the home circuit breaker trips , I changed the power cable but the same issue , even if it’s the only unit connect to mains supply the circuit breaker trip , this is the second unit that I bought from Naim and seems to be defected , Does Naim perform any QC on its products or it’s getting like made in china junk ?
Any help is welcome

Thanks in advanced

Which country are you in? Some circuit breakers such as those in Germany tend to do this at least with the larger PSes because of the large inrush currents, not sure about HCs. Happened several times with my 300 PS and it is a well known thing, is not necessarily a problem with the PS but just how these breakers work. It is better to leave the PS turned on anyway

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I live in Luxembourg but using the circuit made in Germany and I installed by german company

Then this might be it. But the inrush for HiCaps is not that large, so probably best to follow Hungry Halibut’s recommendation but his post (was above) is now gone. I.e., make sure that all is good with the breaker, the rating is sufficient etc.

All classic Naim components are hand made in Salisbury and undergo rigorous QC and testing before leaving the factory.

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but it even happens when it’s the only unit connected to circuit (I disconnected all other unites ) , does anybody know the hi-cap ampers ?

It reminded me when I sold my 300 dr for someone living in Luxembourg. He had the same problem. However he changed for another power wall outlet and it worked without breaking.

Our HiCap olive will trip the UK breaker very occasionally too, good luck. Don’t change any breaker value though. :smirk:

I even changed the outlet to Furutech FP-SWS Gold , but it didn’t help

thanks , good to know

The nominal power draw should be in the manual, the label on the back of the device and/or is printed on the equipment fuse. However, inrush current when turning on can exceed this very much and the FAQ on equipment fuses gives some insight even if in your case it is the breaker:

However, at the instant that a transformer is first connected across the mains (unit switched on) a transient current up to 10 to 50 times larger than the rated transformer current can flow for several cycles.

The inrush current *** will depend on the transformer characteristics and the point on the power curve at which connection is made to the AC source. If the transformer core retains any residual magnetism the inrush may well be even more severe.

i.e., waiting some time after turning off before you turn on again may help. Giving the power button a decisive push instead of a slow dithering one may also help. Plus, or course, keep it on in the first place most of the time (though some say turning it off for half an hour every few months is good for SQ and I am afraid I had the same experience - don’t ask me for an explanation :slight_smile: )

The equipment fuses are of the “slow” type to survive this inrush, and even then it is occasionally marginal depending on circumstances of turning on. The regular German breakers seem to be just a bit more sensitive

More on

Thanks , actually from experience I’m doing the same (Giving the power button a decisive push) , I’ll follow your recommendation

I just edited some more info into my post, in case it helps

Dose the nap200 has the same behavior , I’m planning to buy one ?

I don’t know, but with my 300 PS I manage to trip the German breaker every few times I turn it on (which I rarely do. When it was new and there was more reason for turning on and off, it seemed to trip 1 out of 3 times, though I have not rigorously tested this). Haven’t managed this with the XPS though.

By the way, I believe that alternative breakers that do not do this are an option even in Germany. As always, only let a qualified electrician make modifications. Breakers cost a few Euros and an electrician should get it done in a short time. It will make sense to talk to a dealer in your locations, it’s probably not the first time they encounter this and may have suggestions

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this is what I planned to do , to see if he has any recommendation , I’ll tell you about that

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Have you the possibility to connect your hicap in another home, or even another room, to see if it’s really a faulty hicap or mains problem?

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I have this problem from time to time when plugging in and turning on after taking apart and reinstalling Fraim.

It’s down to a large inrush current normally and common with Naim gear.

I just reset the breaker and it’s fine. I don’t power on and off unless I am making changes or there is a lightning alert.

You can try different style breakers that don’t cause nuisance trip out. I believe type C are less sensitive to nuisance tripping.

Or just leave it alone.

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There’s nothing like a polite request for help is there…

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