Problem with new xs2

It’s concernijg my new XS2 , when I switch on the ampli recently , the system do the check for 20 sec (as it’s explained in the mauall) but after that it don’t detect or release any connection (the mute button is off ), for example when the av button(it’s connected to a receiver and it’s on) is pushed , the LED on volume control stay on , and on other connection there is no sound at all (everything is mute) , I had to switch on for several time and last time , I connected and disconnected the headphone so the I could hear the sound from speaker again , what could be reason of this behavior?

I would disconnect it from the mains supply for a few minutes, check the pre-power link plug is properly in place and then plug the amplifier back in. Fault gone ?

The other thing, are you still getting sound through the headphone output when it does this ? I’m wondering whether you have a fault with the headphone socket, in that the speaker outputs don’t un-mute when the headphone plug is removed.

I’m sure @NeilS will be able to guide you further.

I don’t have pre power connected I disconnect the power cable and reconnect again the same issue but by connecting and disconnecting the headphone plug , everything back to normal , even if I use my finger and touch the headphone socket , the ampli put itself in headphone mode , i have to use my headphone plug to disable the mode , I think there is issue with headphone socket

Hi b-2017,

This certainly sounds like a faulty unit. The headphone detect circuit relies on a mechanical contact inside the socket completing a circuit when the headphone socket is vacant, if this contact is poor, the unit will “think” that headphones are connected all the time & mute the main output.
You say it’s a new unit - I would suggest a warranty repair on this one.


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Thanks for your help


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