Problem with nSub

After 2months of room refurb and no system ,I’ve finally got all back up and running .I use nSub for low level listening with music via speaker level all good ,but I’ve just purchased a new Denon av amp to get cinema back in room .My problem is when I add any line level input to the nSub I get HORRIFIC loud low note off sub making me hit the off button pronto .it happens with line level channel 1 and 2 and sub in .I’ve tested the Denon output into a separate amp and speaker and it’s silent .
When added to nSub but not using av setting on sub ie my speaker level input ,the addition of line in connection adds a bad hum ,if I change to av It goes horrific .ouch…
Any ideas …
Note different leads tried ,no issue with leads .
This is not a hum this is worry level stuff.


Have you tried switching the signal earth on the n-sub?

Of course, it may be the floating mains earth
Of the Denon causing problems, and so finding a route to earth via the N-Sub which is properly earthed via the mains.

Would running a lead from Denon earth screw (TT input) to nSub earth screw be ok , not up on this floating earth .
Shops closed today or would have tried my local Naim dealer RR who I purchased from .

You could try, however, with any floating amp (and any additional floating kit connected to said amp) will be looking to find a route to earth any way it can - usually via the signal i/cs. The n-Sub provides a lovely path to earth. So try the switch on the n-Sub first.

Richard it’s set to internal .

OK, well, it was worth a try. It definitely sounds like it’s finding its way to earth. Had you tried using a ground loop isolator on the sub i/c?

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