Problem with only left speaker playing through Naim Nait 1

I have been generously given a Naim Nait 1 and a pair of Epos ES11 speakers from my Dad who has since upgraded and I have been really enjoying using them as someone new to Hi-Fi. I have recently had a persistant problem where only the left speaker plays, sometimes there is a very faint noise from the right speaker but mostly just a soft buzzing. I am playing the music from my iPod (however, I am getting a turntable soon) through a 3.5mm jack to DIN connector, I have tried a different cable (3.5mm to RCA then adapter to DIN) but there has been no change. Sometimes when I hold down the cable at a certain angle the sound comes back but not when I release it. (Yes I am aware of the balance system, it is all the way to the right. I have also tried both the tape and tuner inputs). Any ideas on how to fix this or what the problem is would be very helpful! My Dad has chalked it up to a “dodgy connection” but was hoping someone on here might have experienced this and could give me something more specific. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum Barzun.

What a lovely thing to be given by your father. The NAIT is of course wonderful, and the ES11s should be a good match.

This would seem to indicate an intermittent connection. It may be in the socket itself or where the socket connects to the PCB.

Are you connecting through the Tuner or the Tape input? The obvious question is, whichever it is, have you tried connecting to the other input?

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+1 for the dodgy connection diagnosis. You imply the fault presents itself identically on more than one of the NAIT’s inputs, which suggests to me a dodgy connection in the DIN plug end of the cable. If you can source another 3.5>DIN cable to try, that could help you confirm or deny this.

If it is the DIN plug, depending on your skill and confidence level, you could try taking the plug apart and resoldering anything that looks duff. Otherwise, a replacement cable doesn’t have to break the bank.

Best of luck!