Problem with Tidal Connect?

I’m currently having problems with Tidal Connect. I can search for artist and songs, but when I click on the track, nothing happens. Is anyone currently experiencing the same issue?

Spotify connect as well as Internet Radio are working properly though.

I’m streaming through an ND5XS2.

I’m having a problem with Tidal from within the Naim app too. Playlist just stopped and refused to re-start. I closed the app and tried again - now I just get a blank screen when I try to choose Tidal as a source.

Unable to log in to Tidal directly from their website.

Tidal Connect playing on my phone, but not when choosing my Naim as a destination.

The website on google is non-responsive for me. However, I am able to play the last album I selected last night. EDIT - Now up and running for me.

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Seems to be ok now on my end.

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