Problems Signing into my Core

I normally just gain access via guest but have some maintenance work I need to do and can’t sign in as Registered User. I can’t remember putting a password in when new. Is there away to get in without or am my able to recover the password or setup another one somehow.

You should be able to access it as guess, that is always what I have used. Sometimes it’s required a re-boot of the Core if it is playing up.

Funny, I was just about to ask you if you have issues with downloaded album s going funny for metadata on the Core - not showing under artist, or track order, that sort of thing, I might try the Metadatics iMac app to tidy things up. I’m trying to wean myself off Roon.

I just ripped Neil Young’s Harvest and for some strange reason some tracks are subtitled Stray Gators and I can’t fix it as a guest. Silly thing is the album was in the downloads where I could but the same problem occurs. Very strange as it does show in my metadata fix it program and I’m trying like you via my Mac.

What program do you use?

When you say you ripped Harvest, you mean you ripped a CD by putting it into the Core?

With a rip done by the Core, you can’t edit with metadata using a Mac or PC. The Music/MQ folder is locked and if you succeeded in breaking in, you would break the indexing and have to reindex everything.

What you must do with CD rips made by the Core is use the metadata editing in the Naim app to edit the metadata. It’s easy to do and works pretty well. In the Naim app you click on the album then go to the the three dots icon, click on that and then click on edit metadata, then make your edits. Don’t forget to click Save when you exit editing and if you take too long doing it, the editing may time out, so do some edits, save and then go back and make more edits, save again.

Hope that helps.

Incidentally you never need to sign into the Core. If you can’t get into the downloads folder then as Mike suggests, try a power off restart of the Core. And if you still can’t then restart your router, your Mac and the Core.


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Meta. It’s pretty good and simple to use. But it won’t let me alter anything in the Core as a guest.

Well I thought was easy but I’m unable to find any way to fix this, see below.

Who the hell are Stray Gators.

Click the three dots icon in the top right corner of the screen Pete, to the right of the album name.

Tried that and there’s nowhere I can see to edit those tracks. The album and all other details are correct.

My issue is a “double CD” download, where there are tracks 1-1 to 1-7 and 2-1 to 2-4, but the Core replays them in the wrong order. I’ve renumbered them, 1-1 to 1-11, but the order still plays wrong.

Annoyingly, Roon shows the tracks in the right order. Maybe I should stick with Room after all….

I can fix that but this seems to be buried in the data.

You can do it in Roon……

No Roon in the house.

I’ve fix the numbers and order it’s generally not that hard. Try it directly from the app.

It’s an error in the metadata database. The Core just downloads what it finds. I don’t know which metadata field that is in. You could try forcing it to use a different metadata source although it’s probably used Rovi and there seems to be an issue with MusicBrainz currently.

If you really can’t put up with it, then the fix is to copy the files into a sub-folder in the downloads folder (you aren’t allowed to edit stuff in the Music folder but you can copy), then you delete the version in the Music folder using the Naim app and then you use Metadatics or whatever to modify the copy which is now in download.

Oddly enough it was showing the same (different tracks) in the download files even after running it through my Mata program. It doesn’t appear anywhere invisible.

They are the band that have played on other of his albums!

Ah strange how they seem to show randomly on different tracks.

It feels like there is an opportunity for development here, i.e. ability to interact with the metadata further via Core. I have just ripped a copy of Lou Reed NYC Man and a track is correctly listed as being performed by The Velvet Underground, however, should I want to tidy up, i.e. show only song title then this is only viable via the DH provided method.

I am approx 1/3 the way through ripping my CDs, only circa 4k to go and Harvest will be in there so will be interested to see what happens when I get there…

Yes I’d be interested to see what happens as well through it in now :grin:

I think you must have the Core set to rip to flac rather than Wav? Changing the track titles in flac does nothing as regards playback. What you could do is delete that CD using the app, change the Core setting to rip to Wav, rip the CD, then change it back to rip all subsequent CDs in Flac if that is what you want.

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