Problems with an Atom

Hi I’m hoping someone here might have a fix for a rather frustrating issue that’s just emerged. My Atom seems to shutdown while in use, it seems to be based on the auto shutdown option I’ve ticked. If I tick the never box it doesn’t happen. I’ve always had the 10 minute option ticked and it’s never been a problem till yesterday.

Have you tried the power off for 20 mins or so……then reboot?

Yep it’s been off all night, set the standby for an hour this morning and it shutdown again.

Booh………factory reset is normally the next nasty…loses playlists.

Don’t have any, I only really use the Atom (at present that is) for tv playback.

Might be worth a try if there are no other suggestions

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Pete, what software are you running. I believe you are part of the beta testing group. Try reverting to the released versions of software for the Atom and also the released IOS version.

If you are using the Atom for TV, do you use the HDMI ARC connection? TVs are notorious for poor HDMI implementation which might be affecting the Atom shutdown routine.
Does the Atom unexpectedly shut down when the auto standby period ends (even when it’s supposed to be playing)?

Yes it shutdown based on the set standby time. Its only just started to happen the tv is about 3 months old and it’s not connected to ARC connection or by a HDMI. It’s the earlier Atoms and it’s connected via an optical cable.

I am running the Beta and have reported it but haven’t got a reply yet.

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