Problems with Cisco 2960

Hi there
I recently moved a few things around with my setup which also involved me in “re-setting” my Cisco 2960 using the “Mode” switch. The good news is that my NDX2 is still working however there are two issues i now have :

  • Only one port seems to be working on the 2960 ?
  • Roon happily works with the NDX2 but no Airplay option is available. In addition to the NDX2 i have a Nova , a Muso and a Muso QB - all of which have Airplay working perfectly. However they are on my main network that runs through a Netgear Prosafe 24 port switch.
    I currently have the 2960 connected to the Router directly , not through the Netgear switch as I assumed the less links in the chain the better , but keen to get peoples view
    I look forward to your feedback
    Terry Smith

I had a similar problem with one I got to try. The solution is a proper, full factory reset which seems quite an involved process. I’m waiting for my IT guy at work to get some time to do it.

i read this problem in another thread recently. Someone gave the answer. Sorry not to help more, but the answer is in these last days somewhere… ( perhaps switch or not to switch thread)

cisco switch and roon external access thread

Is your Roon core connected to the same switch? What OS are you running it on? Has you ip address changed you might need to look in audio settings again and see if it needs adding as an endpoint.again

It sounds like your switch was not factory reset to default when it was sold to you. It may well have the previous owners port security still active. Use Google to find out how factory reset your switch. Yes your switch can be connected to another switch or your router switch port, it should not make any difference.

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Thanks Simon appreciate the feedback and guidance

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