Problems with multiple albums on a new Core

I’ve recently upgraded my UnitiServe T2 for a Core, my dealer transfered my library from the old to new which saved me a lot of time however I’m now confused by the same album showing multiple times. Thought it may have something to do with the music being transferred but I’ve since added a few cd rips that are doing the same thing. The Midnight Oil album Resist (see below) was one of the rips, it appears 3 times on my app. The Core is connected via a digital input to my Atom as well as via my network.

@davidhendon I’ve deleted the app and it hasn’t helped, also if I go in via new music there’s no double ups.

Ok and did you try rebuilding the database? I think you said that you did. To be sure, if you select the Core in the Naim app, then settings (the gearwheel), then Other Settings, then “rebuild music database”, then it should do that. It takes a while. This is for iPhone but I imagine that the Android version of the app would be similar.

And while you are in the Core page, are you seeing the double entries under Albums there, or is it just when you are in the Atom page?

Also, I know you are in temporary accommodation while you design and build your grand design (:grinning:) but do you have a PC or Mac with you? If so then I would suggest looking at the Music and Downloads folders with your PC and check that there is only one copy of everything that is duplicated and where they are located. I can imagine the transfer from your Unitiserve might have gone wrong, although your dealer ought to know what he’s doing. But the Core should only make one copy of a new rip.

And finally I am assuming that you don’t have the Unitiserve still? If it were connected to your network and identified as a music share, then you would see two copies of everything. But if your dealer has it, then it won’t be contributing to your problem!

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I have hit the rebuild button and it hasn’t changed anything. Also even allowing that my dealer has had a problem it doesn’t account for the rips I’ve added since that are also showing multiple copies. I have a NAS attached as well as a MAC but again these don’t include copies of recently added rips (by me) which are showing multiple copies.

I do still have my old UnitiServe and I am will to delete my new library and start again but I’m concerned I’ll get the same result.

May not be the case here but any rips that are in the recycle bin on a NAS can appear in the app aswell as the “live” rips.

No the Core has never been backed up, the 5 CDs I’ve added aren’t duplicated anywhere else (except for my iPhone).

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As long as your Unitiserve is not switched on and connected to your network, then it won’t be implicated in the problem.

What about the other things I suggested in my reply in the Cafe and earlier in this thread?

I’m not a Core expert, but is this double connection to the same streamer OK?

Another thing that comes to mind is that the Naim app on my Android once had a tendency of showing Qobuz favorites twice although they only existed once in reality (it was really the same album and unfavoriting one removed both visible entries). However, this affected only some albums, not all of them, and it it was not always the same albums but changed.
(And I can’t remember if it did this for local rips as well, and as I don’t really use the Naim app anymore, so don’t know if it is still happening with Qobuz, but I can look if you want me to)

Yes actually this is fine, although unnecessary. In one case you use the upnp input of the Atom and the other is via one of the digital inputs of the Atom. You use the app to control the Core either via the Atom or directly, depending whether it’s upnp or a direct digital connection respectively.

Thanks, I figured that it is like this but thought better to be sure and point it out :slight_smile:

It is connected to the same streamer my Atom. I thought about the Qobuz favourites and some of the duplicates are on in my Qobuz down load files on my iPhone. But it’s inconsistent.

Are all tracks listed in all instances of the album?
Could it be that the sorting of the album has somehow listed “Midnight Oil featuring Jimmy Barnes” (for an example) therefore listing “Album by Album Artist” and therefore taking it to be two or more different artists for the same album.
If this is the case, you might see one instance of an album with only one track, possibly with a featured artist…
Just a thought.

Don’t think that’s the case, but I will check just in case. Cheers :+1:

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In the Core app, when you select albums and scroll to the bottom, does it show the correct total number of albums? This should establish whether there are actually duplicates, or whether it is just a display issue within the app.

Also have you done full power offs and unplugs of the Atom, Router and app?

Do you have a nearby window :flushed:

How do I know how many albums, if it stated either option (total or total plus duplicates) how would I now if it’s correct. It’s still backing up (26 hours) and it won’t be finished till tomorrow by the look of it.

Once that’s done I’ll have a look and all the suggestions and see that makes any difference.

Another problem I’ve having after transferring the files there’s a few (about 10) that don’t have cover art. I’ve entered a few using the tag folders.jpeg and they haven’t stuck.

With the number of duplicates showing in the app, you would probably know if the total showing is close to what you expect. If you had, say, 1,000 albums, but the total is showing as 1,800, then they are actually duplicated files. Otherwise if it’s showing around the 1,000 you expect, then it’s just an issue with how they are displayed in the app.

It might pay to check with Harry to see whether he checked that the files were displaying correctly before he sent it to you.

Guess the only way I can know for sure is fire up the old server which I’ll probably do later this week

It’s folder.jpg or jpeg, not folders @Pete_the_painter

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@davidhendon thanks for the help but I think I have an issue how the files have been imported and it might be easier if delete my library and start from scratch. My back shows over 27,000 files but according to the albums I only have 17,890 albums. Was wondering if you know best way to delete the hard drive and reset the Core. Cheers.

@Pete_the_painter You can wipe the music store in the app by going into settings, manage music, configure music stores, and then select set a new music store. Then select the internal hard disc and agree to format it.

Then to import the music from the Unitiserve, have it on the network and use the import facility inside manage music in settings. You may have to make the Unitiserve a music share before you can import from it (I have experienced that once). And you will need to import from Music and Downloads, possibly separately (it’s a long time since I did this and the Core firmware has changed many times). Once the import is over, you need to cancel the Unitiserve as a Music share and disconnect it.

The other thing is that albums won’t be the same as files as each track is a file, so files will normally be about ten times the number of albums.