Problems with my nait xs2

Hi all!
My dealer sent my nait xs2 to naim for repairing and change of caps because of a sudden noise appeared only on the right speaker. Got it back this friday after 5 1/2 months and the problem is still there! Its best discribed like sparks in the right channel. Ive changed the cables and it then sounds from the left speaker.
Ive turned all other equipment of for a period of time but it doesnt matter. It comes from the amp. Ive also changed the mains cable with no affect. Did Naim fail to fix it or am I missing out on something?
Forgot to mention that it doesnt matter if the volume is on high or low level. Its there anyway and doesnt change with volume!
Please help!
Kind regards
Stefan Norrlin

If the problem persists your dealer should be working with you to fix it. That’s what you pay them for.

Presumably you have established that the amp was at fault, not a cable or source?
Did Naim return a copy of the worksheet listing which components were changed?

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No they didnt so I dont know what they did to the amp. I payed 1000 € for changing caps and repair but I dont know what they did to repair it?


Sorry if this is a silly question: do you get the noise with the speakers connected to the amplifier but no other cables whatsoever ie no sources connected?

Yes I do. If disconnect everything I still hear sparks from the right channel!

Oh dear. This does sound like a fault with the amplifier. It’s very strange because Naim test everything once repairs have been done. This is a very long shot but have you tried the amplifier at the dealer’s or at a friend’s house? I’m wondering if there could be something on your mains that’s causing interference, though why it would only be on one channel is anyone’s guess. If that was the case, you could see why it might happen at your house but not at Naim.

If it does make the noise in another house, it seems like it has to go back to Naim. The fact that you have spent €1,000 and been without it for nearly half a year would not make this a palatable idea of course. If the amp is still faulty I wonder if an arrangement could be reached whereby you get your €1,000 back and get to trade the XS2 for a new XS3 for the same price. If Naim have messed up, this would be an ideal solution. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves: first try it somewhere else. If it still makes a noise, speak to your dealer and try to find a solution.

I’m copying @NeilS who works at Naim and may have an idea.

Post the serial number and Neil could look it up.

Stefan, your best bet here is to take things up with your dealer or with the distributor.

Sorry to hear of this Stefan - I wonder if your dealer specified that the unit had a fault?


This is my day for silly questions… it’s my understanding that boxes are listened to after recapping, servicing etc, so surely a fault would have been heard?

Indeed they are, but not for extended periods (unless we are monitoring for a fault).
Some faults only manifest themselves when the unit is fully warmed up.


They know about my problems and been great. Just wondered if anyone suffered with the same oroblem and could help me with a quick fix!
While my nait xs2 was at naim I used my Unitiqute and that one is completely silent in both channals!

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They did and it was sent to naim for repair and recapping.
I took it to the dealer yesterday and at first they heard it to but after a while it stopped so I took it home again an after a couple of minutes it started again!

Is there a warranty supplied for the repair work? Hopefully you’re still inside that window. In which case I’d insist that dealer were to send it back for you. Maybe even an express re-repair.

Weren’t you covered by warranty?

We are familiar with these fault symptoms & the cause (transistors in the preamp output stage).
We take a “belt & braces” approach if we cannot recreate the issue by replacing all of these transistors across both channels (folk do tend to get their left/rights confused).
I’m pretty sure we haven’t had a single example where the fault persists.
This is why I’m suspecting we were not made aware of the problem.



OK Neil.Ílll talk to my dealer!
Thanks a million.
Kind regards!

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