Problems with remote and chassis

Urghh! My remote has packed up completely on my 4 month 5si …and looking more closely at the chassis it doesn’t look like it’s fitted right?? Is it my OCD? Or does this need to go to back to dealer or Naim direct? Anyone from Naim on the forum that could help?20201224_155920|666x500 (Typical to happen on Xmas eve!)

It does look a bit wonky. Hopefully your dealer could take the top off and re-attach it so it’s straight. Once you’ve seen it you’ll never be happy until it’s straight. Taking it to your dealer is the only option. If they cannot fix it then they will need to sent it to Salisbury.

Have you checked the batteries in the remote? Is it doing absolutely nothing?

Are you aware that the Nait should be placed on a decent shelf and not stacked on something else - particularly something that doesn’t look exactly solid?

Thanks, no the remote is completely dead-new fitted batteries too sadly. Yes, a shelf is on the way post Xmas, not ideal i realise.

That’s a shame but it should be replaced under warranty, and of course the chassis will be realigned for free. You’ll just have to keep hopping up to change volume, which may be a good thing at this time of year! I’m pleased to hear about the shelf - it should sound a bit better when properly supported. Naim go to a lot of effort to optimise their designs and it’s good to think you are getting the best from it.

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Did you by accident press one of the other buttons on the remote, like “cd”? Is there an “amp” button or similar you can press?

(I once pressed the “tuner” button or something on mine and then the CD controls of course did nothing. Because i am a numpty this resulted in a needless trip to the dealer)

Cheers ha! , thanks…no ive button crashed every option…ill sort it out after crimbo.
…to be honest, its nothing compared to the state of things… just blimmin frustrating! At least it still works.

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