Problems with Tidal / Nac 272

Hey guys,
I‘m new to this forum and have the following situation. Since today my tidal streaming on my N272 doesn‘t work anymore. Before today I had no problems with Tidal. I tried updates (from 4.4 to 4.7), deleted and installed the app on Iphone and Ipad, returned to original factory setting. Nothing works. I can use the Naim App for tidal, but everytime I want to play a song, album or playlist there is the message ‚can‘t play - skipped track‘. The same notification happens sometimes at UPNP (HDX).
Does anybody have similar problems or knows what to do?
Cheers, Ax

Turn off the 272 and the router. Wait a minute. Turn on the router. Let it fully boot up. Turn on the 272. All should then be well.

Broken. See here:

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I will try, thx

See here:

It seems Tidal have changed something that stops it working with products using a particular streaming platform. Naim have informed them, so hopefully they will get it fixed ASAP.

I will close this thread so there’s no unnecessary proliferation and we can keep posts to just one or two threads.