Problems with Uniti Atom HE

Just bought one of these and I’m having a few problems. I’m planning to talk to Naim support but if anyone here has any advice it would be very welcome!

When I start up the device, sometimes the screen stays black and nothing happens. A couple of times the screen went green and displayed patterns of horizontal lines.

The network connection to wifi goes down regularly- the location the device is in has a strong wifi signal which delivers about 60-100 mbps to my laptop.

None of this sounds right to me - are any of these known problems?

Many thanks


Hi Rich,

Sorry to hear about the issues you have with the Uniti … this does not sound good to me and I expect a return to Salisbury.

Many regards,

A few years ago my Atom had a meltdown and the screen was covered in horizontal lines, accompanied by some weird noises from the speakers. I was expecting to have to return it, but after turning it off and leaving it unplugged for half an hour it has worked normally ever since.
As a one-off this wasn’t a problem but if it persists I would definitely get your dealer involved.

Thanks Chris,

I tried the 30 minutes off period too, and at first I thought that had fixed it, but unfortunately not. I tried a factory reset too.

As soon as I use the Naim Focal app it seems to trigger the problem.

Thanks Michel, I fear you’re right! I’m going to do an experiment using a different device to host the Naim app, which seems to be what triggers the problems- just in case it’s some kind of software glitch.

You may have already tried this but may be test from a complete power off position with an ethernet connection instead of hifi and nothing else connected to the unit (usb, cables to other components all disconnected)?

Is this a temporary disconnect? Or is it lost and you need to reestablish it manually?

I got issues when running continuous streams (like internet radio) while being on the 5 GHz band of my router.
The band/channel switches every few hours (due to weather radar avoidance or optimization) threw my Atom from the network, long enough for the stream to stop, before it reconnected.
I moved it to the 2.4 GHz band, and it’s been stable since.

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