Process of Market Education

Just read this article about Deezer (I was somewhat curious as to what Deezers offering was) and it seems the popular market may still need some education.

Of particular note was how the author was disappointed that they could not tell much difference between Deezer HiFi (CD quality streaming), and Apple Music.

The authors hardware??? A HomePod Mini…

Now, I own a couple of those gadgets and they are a great for what they are and my daughters love them, but, you know???

I fear the messages being perpetuated regarding streaming quality and the definition of Hi Res (whatever that is) will always be blurred and confusing, as the grab for market share will always vastly outweigh the race to better quality. The playback hardware does not seem to play a role in the whole decision making process (for the majority of users). A bit depressing really!

I think you and I and anyone who owns what we consider to be a proper streamer / hifi system are massively in the minority. So 99% of streaming service subscribers will never truly hear their music in the way it is possible to reproduce.
People who listen to eg Billie Eilish have absolutely no idea how deep the bass goes. Because the system and speakers (if at all, probably headphones) just can’t do it.

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