Product placements

There was an old thread discussing this in the movies. Now I note that the AA has a advertisement showing a turntable / record player. Can anyone name the deck and speakers?

Are there any examples of Naim products, or any other brands, getting such hidden promotion?

Well there’s Morse. Roksan and Naim early on and then he’s enjoying his music collection on some midi stack system in the later series.

Just shows it’s all about the music, not the equipment :grinning:

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If that’s the ad with the Dog then it’s a B&O TT with what looks like Anthony Gallo speakers ?


Spot on for the TT, and almost certainly right for the speakers (that is a rather snazzy turntable)


Uniti Atom featured in this L’Oreal advert. We didn’t pay for it, which is why they’ve hidden the logo, I guess! It was a total surprise when this popped up

  • Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, only the best for Celine.

I wonder how much it would have cost to see the logo for a second?


We’ve had the Uniti Atom, now the HE version. This looks like another one - the fully wireless version :shushing_face:


Does anyone know what the turntable is in the new Volvo ad?

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