Product registration/warranty

Does anybody know if product registration is automated or manual at the Salisbury end?

I registered my new NDX2 and SN3 yesterday but have not received any confirmation email which I would have expected if it was automated. Obviously, if it is manual, I am more than happy to allow time for a response. Just want to make sure it is not lost in the ether! I can’t recall how quickly I got a response last time I registered something.

Every time I have registered a piece of Naim equipment, there has never been any acknowledgment from Naim. I can only assume that they have received the registration and that the five year warranty has been activated. Though it would make me feel more at ease if an acknowledgement was forthcoming.

I know that in the old days you used to be sent a letter. It was a nice touch that many appreciated, and I know that quite a few have kept the letter for many years after. I’m not sure what the current system is though. Perhaps @Naim.Marketing can let you know.

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It’s automated, the website data (where you fill in your details) is consumed by the main erp system at naim. There is no response sent as far as I recall. That has been in place since 2019. Prior to that the data was held digitally but not in the erp system but in a separate customer database.

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Hi there. As noted, it is automated. I’ll feedback to the digital team re lack of response, as you should receive an acknowledgement email.


I miss those letters. I pass them on when I traded equipment in with my dealers and have others signed by Paul for things I still have.

Thank you all.

This has made me go back and check earlier registrations. Strangely I have an email for my Nova registration but not for the Core (which I think was at the same time). I do have one for the Qb a few days later.

Clare, Thanks for feeding back. I’ll await confirmation.

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I never received a response when I registered a product just before Christmas either

Our digital team say you should be getting a response email - they suggested checking your Junk mail folder, as sometimes email systems can get sniffy about automated-response mails…

Definitely not in junk here, they used to until I whitelisted Naim.

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Not in junk for me either. (Have checked in both email provider and my own filter program).

Yes, the letters were a nice touch and I still have a few.
Before Naim I owned a Musical Fidelity A100 that I bought in 1990 and ran for 11 years. Every year since I have received a Christmas Card from Musical Fidelity, a lovely touch. Well until last Christmas that is, they must have found out I hadn’t used it in 20 years.

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Over the past couple of years I’ve bought NDX2, nap250, nac282 and have never received any confirmation, email or otherwise.

I followed up the first registration by calling NAIM, can’t remember who I spoke with but he was clear that no emails are sent. I asked him to check the registration manually which he kindly did.

With a 5 year warranty (for uk) on offer it’s important. I would hope the IT folks could simply instruct the system to automatically email everyone a confirmation, even retroactively.

Emails ARE now sent - just checking if there are issues on sending mechanism from website…

Good to hear, but what about retrospective confirmations

Digital team are going to look into this tomorrow - i’ll report back

I get a confirmation mail for my first Mu-so Qb2. But did’nt get any confirmation for my 2 others Qb2 and my Uniti Atom.

Please do. It would be pretty bad to find out it’s not the confirmations that went wrong but the registrations. As others I’ve never received any confirmation for any registration.

I have had mixed results with registration. Back in 2015 I registered my MuSo online and got an email acknowledgement right away. However, I registered my new ND5XS2 and XS3 online in October but received no acknowledgement, so I phoned Naim in December. A very helpful chap called Russell checked and found that both new items were not registered, so he organised the registration of both and sent me an email confirming the 5 year warrant effective from 30th October. He said that there was no automatic confirmation of registering online. There might be a bit of a backlog in registrations. I would check with Naim Support to confirm your registrations.

By the way, both streamer and amp are performing wonderfully!

Cheers, Ian

Did Anthony ever send you a free MF watch?
I had three. Complete junk if I’m honest. He tried to make out he was a watch person, but those quartz chrographs were junk. Albeit free!
Think I flogged mine in ebay. I did wonder if their value might rise after I sold them. Luckerly no.
I used to get the Xmas cards too.