Project VC-S MkII

Just got one to replace my Disco. Very pleased and not having to wait 30 mins for records to dry is fantastic :blush:
It’s quick enough to pick something to play and clean it in the time it take it takes to brew up.

Snap, I got one to replace my disco 3 weeks ago, cleaned about 30 albums so far… only about another 800 to go, trying to do mine alphabetically so I don’t loose track of what has been done.
Very pleased with it and the uplift in sound it has brought.

I agree. there is a good uplift in SQ. The reduction in surface noise is astonishing.
I’ll mark the inner sleeves (as I have already done for the ones done by Disco) so I know which ones I have been cleaned with the Project.

The Project VC-S is an excellent machine for the money, and with the Mk2 it looks like they have addressed most all of the minor criticisms of the very first models.

You should be getting new inners to go with properly cleaned records.

Yes, I use new inners after they have been cleaned. I mark the inner with the year it was cleaned.
I’m working alphabetically and cleaning new records too. :blush:

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