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I have an issue to solve and need some advice: I have recently redone the bedroom and the layout means that the foot of the bed faces the window. We’d like a TV as we use the bedroom as an escape pod from the kids. But…but there is no wall to hang a TV on.

One option is to get some kind of projector, but that is where my ideas run out. How / where do you hide it? How do you conceal the screen when not in use? Are there any with AirPlay ‘casting’ / ATV built in so I can use my stereo HomePods as the sound source?


Have you considered ceiling mounting the tv? Theres a number of motorised mounts which pivot downwards when required. Also you can get cabinets for the foot of the bed which permit the tv to rise up from within when in use.
If a projector, then maybe a short throw one located at foot of bed with drop down screen to cover window area?

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I see three options at the moment.

  1. A TV that is built into a ceiling box that opens and the TV comes down.

  2. A TV in a low cabinet at the end of the bed that pops up.

See examples in the link. This is the first one I found, I am sure there are many other companies…in the UK, now that you have Brexited.

  1. A projector screen that rolls down from a ceiling mounted encasing.

Price depending on your desires…

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As a side note, I just found this web site. Extremely good value considering the modern designs…

Difficult situation @facefirst

Could you use your window curtains as a projector screen e.g. roman blinds or similar in white?

There a number of small / portable projectors available on the market, just google them, some are no bigger than a cup. Easy to mount, might not be the best picture but might work.

Another idea I have seen which was cool if you have room was use of the likes of Samsung Frame TV on a tripod / easel stand, for example placed in the corner….e.g. Forest Studio Stand. You can use it as a TV and when not needed it displays your favourite art or images.

Samsung Serif TV also comes with a stand which is detectable.

Than there is this idea, which is not me but…

I can thoroughly recommend the Viewsonic M2 projector. We used it for just the use case you mention, also used it in our cinema room whilst we were waiting for the UST projector. Very portable, can run on a battery pack and easy to use…

Alternatively, if you want to go ‘big’ a lot of people like the VividStorm electric floor raising projector screen with an ultra-short throw (UST) projector

I talked to my gf about ceiling mounted TVs and she told me that if I did that she’d never have sex with me again.


Projector at the foot of the bed could work, with a screen in the window relief above the sill. Hmmm. What about light behind the screen? I have a blackout blind fitted that I could close when watching the TV

In my longe I use a motorised screen fitted on the wall right against the ceiling, screen about 6 or 8 inches wider each side than the window reveal. It is opaque so blackout other than light leaking around the sides or bottom, but has a matt black back so light penetration via the small gap between screen and wall around the sides is not an issue. My 12ft wide screen costs only around £200.

Projector could be on a shelf high the wall opposite the window (above head of bed?) choosing a projector with a ‘throw’ that accommodates that distance, or use a ceiling mount. If there is a pendant lamp in the way between, then these days you can get a very short throw projector that fits on the ceiling almost adjacent to the screen - or at least I have seen such used for computer projector purposes.


Would that depend what was on TV at the time?

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We all know analogue is better than digital, so obviously you need one these,

You won’t need to worry about hiding it. Its a beautiful piece of engineering artistry, it really needs to be displayed permanently.


I’d go for a motorized TV lift in a cabinet at the foot of the bed. Many styles and I think you can fit at least a 60” set

A second thought I had, somewhat unrelated. You mentioned your “girl friend” I think letting her dictate anything besides food and drink or vacation plans is a bad path to go down. Next thing she’ll start with is what speakers and audio you can get, and where you can put it and so on. She isn’t even your wife yet and it sounds like she’s already pu**y whipping you. That’s a bad precedent to set. Of course this is just the opinion of a married for 35 years, mans experience. It’s pretty simple I don’t tell Mrs. Opus what to do and I don’t let her tell me what to do.

Women= Power corrupts. Wife= Absolute power corrupts absolutely. :laughing:

That needs exploring. Does it mean literally a TV hanging from the ceiling perhaps above the foot of the bed, or flat on the ceiling directly above the pillows so you see it when looking straight up? (Does it include projector?) more to the point, what aspect causes that reaction? Maybe a TV in the bedroom is simply a bad idea. Or maybe she’s trying to tell you that watching TV is better than sex.


Solved by simply putting the thing on the wall on a bracket. Looks pants.

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