Proper power cord for Hicap?

Is it equally important to use a proper power cord for an external power supply such as a Naim HiCap, than it is for your amplifier?

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Jan, after messing around with a few cables, I authorised in my house, the standard Naim ones I find easily the best. Don’t bother with others IMO. Cheers.


If you’re referring to the mains power cord that connects to the IEC socket, any lead that’s approved for use in your country will be fine. Personally I would use a standard Naim lead and benefit from the company’s OCD when it comes to paying attention to detail with every component. Still, if you just need something to get you up and running, whatever you have to hand will do the job.

Unless your a EE like @mike-b and can build your own, stick with the standard leads or a powerline, if you’re feelin’ adventurous.

In my experience Naim products respond a lot to different power cords. I recommend you borrow a couple from retailers and find out yourself.

May I ask which component? Power supply such as Hicap or power amp, or both? I haven’t had the chance to test some of my premium power cords on the Naim yet. I compared the standard Naim cords with Chord purple power cord and several cords in the £300 to 400 price range and the standard Naim cord which came free in the box sounds best

I am inclined to think that the Naim gear will sound better with the premium cords which I currently own but I haven’t had the opportunity to try it out yet.

All my boxes meaning 300DR, XPSDR, 272 respond different to different cables so one can fine tune the sound. What sounds good on my 300DR doesn’t mean it sounds good on the XPSDR for example. That they do change the character of Naim equipment is however a fact. Which cable and combination you like is for you to decide :slightly_smiling_face: In my case I like Powerline the best on XPSDR/272 and when I put something thick, shielded on there it sounds muddy and smeared. However my 300DR I don’t like as much with the Powerline as say an AudioQuest Z3 or PS Audio AC-5. But that’s me and my system. Another set of speakers/system might very well throw these findings in the bin.

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Yes, fully agree as that’s my experience as well swapping all the different power cords on my equipment. Currently I am running Luxman amp and Chord DAC and swapping the different cords between these components produced different results and sound. I am able to pin point the specific cord which sounds better on the amp and vice versa after switching the cords around. There is surely a difference in presentation as the components react differently to the power cords.

When I find time to switch to the 282/HCDR/250DR I will then be able to compare the standard Naim cords to my costly premium cords. The premium cords come in US terminated plugs whereas the standard Naim cords are in UK plugs so it’s not exactly an apple to apple comparison.

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What does OCD mean? And indeed I meant the kable that goes right into the socket in the wall. Thanks, Jan

Interesting ! I was asking about HiCap now. For my SN2 I use an Isotek cable and for my ND5XS2 streamer still the standard power cable.

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