Proper song sequencing of multi-disc albums in naim app

I just purchased a Uniti Atom HE and am using the Naim app to play music from my hard drive. The app lumps all the songs from a multi-disc cd together. For example, it plays song 1 from disc 1, followed by song 1 of disc 2 rather than keeping the discs separate. I am very meticulous about my metadata which has the discs clearly labelled. How do I keep these straight on the Naim app?

Is this from a hard drive attached to the Atom or via UPnP? Not sure if there’s a difference but might.

In any case, I found this other post, possibly same thing?

Hi @Suedkiez,

great find, and I did not know I get a notification, when a post of mine gets linked.

I would be very interested in which software you use @Grizzle , to manage your library. Obviously my iTunes writes the meta-data into the tracks, but I don’t know, how standardized those fields are. (And I admit, I did not investigate the UPnP/DLNA standards for which meta-data servers are able to include via these protocols.)

Other things I noted / used around this topic:

  • Albums bought/downloaded from Apple iTunes store don’t use this track+disc scheme (even if the CD version does). Instead they just number the tracks sequentially 1-N in their meta-data. (But all my own ripped CDs do, iTunes fetches the meta-data that way and/or I set it manually before/after ripping.)
  • For a few albums I used this work-around:
    Instead of using the nice Server view on Nova (previous: Atom), I use the “primitive” USB-drive view. It has some drawbacks (no playlist handling…), but since my iTunes setting produce filenames like disc-track-title (ex.: “1-01 In The Night.m4a”) the files are played in alpha-numerical order and thus in the right sequence.
  • Today I often have my driver not attached (various reasons) and often use Qobuz, and thus the above work-around is sufficient for me for occasional use.

I actually don’t remember, if I sent a mail to Naim-support about that feature request. If I did, I never got an answer. Since I got very little response to my post at that time, I did not pursue the issue.

PS: I also don’t know, how the Star or Core handle this kind of meta-data.

Oh: and welcome @Grizzle to the forum!

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I’m not sure if there’s a prerequisite for the forum software to send the notification for linked posts - I always use the proper link that you get when clicking a post’s link button, which attaches more info to the link than just the thread and post numbers that are in the link that’s in the browser’s address bar, maybe that’s necessary for the forum software to send the notification. Not sure; I’m a bit obsessive with using software in the correct way :slight_smile:

As for the issue, there was also a post in 2020 about it in the Beta room, about the same issue with the Naim Core. As a member you will find it, but I guess we can’t mention here what the answer was … In any case, I guess it’s ok to mention that it’s known that the Core does/did this as well

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(Aha - I usually don’t read threads on the “Core”.)

And +1 for using SW properly! :slight_smile:

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I do most of my rips using dbPoweramp and I have their metadata editing software as well. There are two usb ports on the device. One on the front and the other on the back. It does the same for the front and back. Also, it does it this way whether using the “usb” or “servers” pathways. I was hoping there was some sort of fix in the settings. Alas, I might have a big metadata project ahead.

Also, thanks for the welcome. It’s good to be here.

Me neither, I just had a feeling that I might have seen this issue before, probably from your post, so I searched for it and the Core thread popped up. Lucky

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Okay; so it’s not only an issue with iTunes. Good to know.

As mentioned, the “server” will use the metadata, but seems to ignore the disc number. The USB will just look at the file names. (Which may or may not be easier to change, than the metadata.)

. o O ( With with a memory of issues not affecting themselves which they may have read years back… :wink: )

It’s a curse sometimes :face_with_head_bandage: but I guess comes with the job (software support manager, I have to do with issues that don’t affect me all the time, at work I can usually even remember the ticket number :pleading_face:, affected person, or at least the search terms)

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