Prototype NAP 500 case refurbishment

Im looking for advice on having the case of this unit refurbished / resprayed. Any ides how this would be done? Is it something that Naim would do?
The unit was serviced by Naim back in 2017 just after purchase and sounds great.



How the heck did those cases get so badly beaten up?

They deserve better, surely.

I doubt Naim would do this - but your local (car) paint shop certainly could. Not difficult for them - you just need to decide what finish you want - gloss, satin, matt - ?? Any colour, as long as its Black…

Why not email Naim and ask their advice. Its just a shame that such beautiful equipment has got into this state.

I hope you can return them to how they should be.

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I assume that’s one of the early development units, in which case (no pun intended) the road worn look is part of its history. I’d be inclined to leave it as it is.


Take it to the repair shop on bbc! They will call in @NeilS as an expert to do the rebuild/service, and Dom will do the casework.

But seriously, more info needed on how they came to be in your possession.


Assuming you can take the casework apart, you could have it shot blasted and powder coated. I doubt you’d pay more than £50 for something like this at a local powder coating shop? If you do go down this road block off any threads or matting surfaces as the powder is very high build.


If those two are a pair of development cases then I’d be tempted to have them lacquered as they are and keep the originality.


Let it wear it’s patina as a badge of honour.

Refurbishing it will erase it’s history. Possibly lowering it’s future value.


But it will sound much better with a fresh lick of paint… won’t it?

Keeping it’s age appearance may make a bit of sense when you come to sell it, but it’s you who has to look at it for umpteen years. Unless its worth several hundred more, like you I’d consider a repaint. @Richard.Dane may know how they were originally painted, or you could get in touch with Naim. You never know Naim may decide they want them for their museum one day and swap it for a new one :wink:

The OP’s been looking at it for the last 5 years :slight_smile: I don’t think leaving it adds or retains any value at all. I just find it interesting.

This is likely one of three NAP500s that were prototypes and were used by Julian in his active DBL system. After Julian’s death they were eventually auctioned/raffled off to Naim employees (sadly we in sales weren’t allowed to take part). I know of at least one that was repainted in the factory with a rattle can and the results looked very good. IIRC that one may be the one that’s currently with James at Tom Tom Audio (more info on his site).


“The unit was serviced by Naim back in 2017 just after purchase and sounds great.”

I supplied this amp and with the OP’s permission I’m happy to share what I know about it.


I’m afraid I’m with most others here, assuming the patina is a result of its development history at Naim, I’d leave as is!


Indeed, (nice find btw)
Would you re-cover a scuffed amp previously used by Hendrix?
Not on your nelly!


Maybe it was pristine when the OP bought it, and wishes to return it to that state…

It could be used out of site, e.g inside a cabinet


I am happy for you to share what you know about it, as it is over 5 years since we spoke!

It was purchased as in the picture. It sits in a mana rack and is a pain to move. It’s not something ive been bothered about until recently as its not in my sight line when listening.