PS Audio Direct Stream thoughts and compatibility with Uniti Core

I’m currently running a NDX with a Uniti Core and driven by a Supernait 2.
I’ve been considering an upgrade to an NDX2 at some point to improve the sound quality, which I understand is a significant improvement over the NDX, but at this point it’s out of reach financially unless one comes up on the used market which so far is very rare. It’s not that the NDX doesn’t sound good but I’m finding it lacks a little resolution at the very top end and couId have better separation/openness.

I have an opportunity to get a PS Audio Direct Stream DAC with Bridge for a good price but can’t audition it. I’m looking for input on two questions:

  • will the PS Audio Direct Stream recognize the Uniti Core to serve music to it? I use the Uniti Core in a second system and love how it seemlessly works with my NDX and Qb in other rooms so don’t want to complicate things. I’m hoping that putting the PS Audio in the mix will only mean that I’ll lose the integration of volume control that I enjoy with the Naim app at present.
  • does anyone have experience with the sound quality of the PS Audio DS vs NDX2? I’ve read of couple of reviews and it seems like they’re in the same league.

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It will recognise the Core, no problem.
I would look also at the SPL Director mk2, preamp / dac, less expensive and apparently on the same level as Direct Stream, but more engaging.

Picture from SPL audio

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@frenchrooster thanks for that. I’m not aware of that dac I’ll check it out!

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You are welcome. I read the review today, worth reading. The site is Soundstage. com

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I have the SPL Phonitor 2 (pre/headphone amp) here for a short while.
Same size / appearance as the Director, not to everyone’s taste.
It is an excellent headphone amp.


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